Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reader Question : Handbag Help

I got an email from a reader, Andra and she asked me this question:

I read your blog quasi-religiously and I love you style. I was hoping I could talk you into doing a special about handbag and outfit combinations. I feel that when I put together an outfit my handbag of choice is often forced. I would really like to see how you put handbags and outfits together. 

Thank you Andra for reading and for writing to me!

This is a great topic as I actually really love handbags and I believe that can really add pattern/texture/shine to an outfit! Other than using a handbag/purse or tote for a day-to-day purpose (like schlepping my lunch or change of shoes for work), I like to use a handbag to as an extention of an outfit or sort of like putting a period at the end of the sentence.

Just like any accessory to fashion, it's personal taste that always should be the winner, but here are a few ways I would pair a purse with an outfit.

Large Print

Polka dots are a neutral in my world, along with leopard print and bat print. Hahaha! Since I'm wearing such a large print, I have paired the outfit with either the Edward Scissorhands handbag, due to the shine of the vinyl matching my belt and the one large graphic complimenting the black and white dress, or I would use a 'pop' of color and go with the purple sparkle Hold Fast Handbags purse. I wouldn't choose a bag with 'too much going on' in terms of hardware or print, yet seeing as I am wearing a large neutral print, playing with color, shine or sparkle makes for endless possibilities.


When it comes to a solid black dress, the sky is the limit in terms of pairings, but I like to put the focus on my shoes and accessories when I am wearing basic black. So I would either pair this casual LBD with a handbag with a pattern, like the Grey Doll black and white stripe handbag or with a novelty bag like the Coffin Handbag by Killstar. I love the coffin purse, because it adds some real visual interest and I like coffin-shaped things. Hehe!


I realize my definition of casual is a little different, yet I wanted to show what I would wear with this outfit if I took off the hat and replaced the shoes with little black sneakers or flats. I would wear the top/jacket/pants combo for casual days of running errands, going thrifting or just hanging out. I would wear a cross-body bag like the Wink-Wink cross body bag or the leopard bag, because I like to have both my hands free and this style tends to be more secure when maneuvering through crowds. I don't think the bag needs to match the outfit persay as it's more for function over fashion, but if you like to use this style of bag all the time (which I tend to use the most), I like to choose one that is fun and neutral that 'goes' with most everything.

There are so many more outfit combo, but I wanted to highlight three general looks to generate some ideas! I hope this helps Andra!

Are you a one bag sort of person? How do you like to pair your handbags with your outfits?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Saturday, December 20, 2014

We Bought a House!

This has been the 'big thing' we've been saving our money for, our first home! We're closing in a few days and I can't wait till it's all over. It's been stressful, time consuming and a bit frustrating, but my daydreams will soon become a reality and we can both relax. Boy do we have plans for the house *rubs hands together*.

We had been tossing around the idea of starting to look for a home in the up-and-coming area that is closest to Derek's tattoo shop, but we weren't expecting to get into a house until 2015. Well, this opportunity came and we snatched it up and we couldn't be happier. 

It's pretty much the worst timing in terms of 1)I work in retail and it's busy 2)the holidays 3)almost the end of the year and 4)it's cold/almost Winter, BUT when something comes along in life that is positive we've learned to be flexible. So, with that being said, my blogging will probably slow down due to the house and the move.

Thank you for reading!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy 34th Birthday to Me!

Look who sent me birthday greetings?!
Okay, I'm just joking, but can't a gal dream?

It's sort of crazy that I'm 34, not because I'm feeling old or am ashamed of my age, it's just odd! I certainly don't want to go back to my 20s! I like being in my 30s, because less fuck's are given. Hahahha!

My birthday is a good excuse to wear this vintage 80s Robert Smith pin that my friend Jason gave me. He's also a huge Cure fan, so I was flattered when he gifted me this awesome pin!

My birthday outfit is nothing too exciting, but the dress is new as I seem to wear-out knit black dress as if I'm eating them. I like a good basic! 

Well I'm off to work and then Derek has something planned for later. Dun dun dunnnnn! 

Have a great day everyone! I wish I was having a birthday cocktail with all of you!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bat Tunic and Crushed Velvet

I've had this tunic bat sweater by Sourpuss Clothing for months and though it's been worn about 8-10 times, this is the first time it's appearing on the blog. I really, really love this tunic. 

pretending to be a bat?

I don't care for V-neck styles, so I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt under the tunic along with my black crushed velvet leggings and a pair of tall boots that are quite a few years old - I sort of forgot about them while they lived at the back of the closet. I added some simple silver accessories to break up the pattern and all the black. 

It's Wednesday and I'm already contemplating plans for my birthday on Friday. Christmas generally ruins my sparkle for 'let's celebrate'. Hrmmmm....

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Favorites 2014

First of all, where the heck did this year go? I feel like it flew by! So, now that the year is almost at an end, I am picking a few of my favorite looks from 2014. I did the same for 2013 and I thought it was fun to share!

1)I love the Lizzy dress, perfect Peter Pan collar dress
2)The vintage pleated skirt got a lot of wear this year
3)A go-to outfit: skater skirt, t-shirt, vest and pointy boots

1)Dress is so simple, but I love shapeless black things!
2)Another simple outfit, but made for an breezy summer outfit
3)A personal favorite of the year. I love the hem line and the lace.

I am including a few outtakes, just because. *Wink*

Thank you for reading! 
XOXO-Meagan Kyla