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Friday, July 21, 2017

100 of My Favorite Things (Filmed in Dork-o-Vision!)

*I said 100 things about me tag, but it's 100 favorite things

Check out Thilda's Beinhaus' video of their favorite things <3 They are so lovely <3

What are you favorite things? 
Please feel free to link your answers, so I can give them a read or watch ;)

Thank you for watching, until next time!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'm With Creepy

This outfit was from early June (and this post has been sitting my draft folder) featuring this "I'm With Creepy" tank top by Sourpuss Clothing. I got the top last Summer and just looked on their website and I appears that they are all sold out. I rediscovered the tank while I was switching over my Winter wardrobe to Summer, and was quite tickled as I forgot about this humorous shirt.

Wearing; tank top (Sourpuss Clothing), skirt (modified from a dress to a skirt), belt (old, Forever 21), cropped cardigan (MAK), spiked creepers (TUK), headband (ebay), spiked earrings (etsy), Sisters of Mercy tile necklace (etsy)

I've really been digging wearing headbands, like the spiked one I am wearing, but the metal bases tend to squeeze my head. I can only get about 2-4 hours of wear before I can't take the head pain any more.

Yet, an accessory that never seems to pain me, are dangle earrings. I bought a few pairs of earrings from Blood Flowers Jewelry on etsy. Kristin's designs are awesome and I'm sooooo happy I bought these coffin earrings (no longer available) and a few other pairs of beautiful dangle earrings. I have my eye on some other pieces in her shop, I think I may have developed an addiction. Hehehehe!

Do you wear headbands? If so, any tips or tricks for me in preventing head pain? Hehehe!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Feelin' Crafty

Hello friends! How has everyone been doing? I've been feeling very crafty these past few months. I've been doing everything from my re-foaming settee project to cutting up t-shirts (like the one I'm wearing above) and crafting with bones.

Wearing; Cure t-shirt (given to me by Melanie), skirt (thrifted), shoes (Aerosole), necklace (made by Derek), bracelets (various places)

This piece was made from items we've had around the house. I painted the sacred heart (plastic) plaque in order to make it 'pop' and placed the bones to mimic the rays. I'm really happy with this piece and its already been hung on the wall.

Another piece that I put together, but this one wasn't something that I had planned in my mind. I just sorta 'went with it' and I'm pretty happy with the results. I had a lot of black lace, I had the base hanging around and lots of skulls around, so Voila! *Side note-I hung a broken rosary off the skull and love it even more* Now I'm looking around the house wondering what else I can get my hands on to DIY. Hahahaha!!!

Have a great night, thank you for reading!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Back to Black....and Blonde

Back to the dark side....on my head. Hehehee! My friend and hair wizard, Bryan, worked his hair magic and Voila! I'm not quite back to the mohawk, but the other side of my hair is shaved and bleached to match my already shaved side, and he left a large portion in the middle of my hair blonde.

So, it's nice that I can wear my hair off to the side or tease it up and back to get the two-tone look in the front. I needed a change and this was the ticket! It was quite funny as a lot of my friend's said, "Are you sure?!", when I mentioned black hair. I like extremes and I am very well aware of the time it takes to back to super light.....like 3-4 years. Ha! When you want healthy hair (that grows,) you need to take the time and care for your hair. No regrets!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Tiki Tuesday!

Derek and I have been trying to make a point of enjoying our "Hut" (aka our garage) this summer as with all of last year's home repairs, it left little time to relax and enjoy our little oasis. On Sunday's we have been dressing in our Polynesian-inspired garb, grabbing a drink and grilling some tasty food and just enjoying the day/evening. 

I recently got this amazing matching necklace and earring set from Summer Blue Jewelry :)

We will be going to one of our favorite restaurants, Cantina Loco, tonight for their Tiki Tuesday. We haven't been in a while, so we are very much looking forward to some tasty tropical libations and some yummy food. I am also looking forward to choosing a muumuu to wear. Hehehe! In the meantime, here are a few other photos of our tropical grab.....

Celebrating National Mai Tai day, still my favorite cocktail!

Gothic Mrs. Roper chic. LOL!

Muumuu for the last Tiki Tuesday we attended, which was over a month ago and it's time to get our fix!

Thank you for reading, until next time!