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Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitsch Picks: Raw Bone Studio

Raw Bone Studio makes my weird kitschy heart sing! Robin Rawbone's "retro-inspired whimsical" items include; pillows, umbrellas, dresses, leggings and plush felt ornaments. I really dig the large graphic prints and colors!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jack-o-Lantern Knees

I saw these jack-o-lantern face tights at Spirit (Halloween store) for $5 and I couldn't resist! I think they are so incredibly cute and they are just perfect for the Halloween season. I've been finding myself wanting to add some stockings to my collection, because they are an inexpensive way to freshen up the wardrobe.

Wearing; lace dress (thrifted), black I always wear, tights (Spirit Store), spiked creepers (TUK Shoes), bone velvet bow (DIY), necklace (etsy), pewter bone earrings (Martha Rotten), beaded bracelets (thrifted)

I've been doing really well with my 'wear everything' campaign and have been rediscovering how to wear pieces. I still shake my head at my past self for putting this little lace dress in the donation pile for being slightly too big. Now I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday and wish I could clone this cut into different fabrics. Oh silly me!

Do you have a favorite piece in your closet that you wish you could clone?

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Help For Chronically Vintage

Hello friends,  I hope everyone has been enjoying their October so far. Before I get into chatting about the outfit, I wanted to share that one of our very own in the blogosphere has experienced a horrific tragedy and I'm sharing with you how you can help. Jessica of Chronically Vintage and her husband Tony have been victims of a house fire caused by arson. There is a donation page and a Facebook page if you want to send them a card or donate anything to help them. 

Wearing; ribcage sweater (old, Too Fast Clothing), skater dress (thrifted), black and white striped leggings (old, H&M), velvet choker (old, ???), boots (Dr. Martens)

My heart goes out to Jessica, Tony and her family <3

Friday, October 14, 2016

Some of This Week's Work Outfits

Hello friends! This week has been filled with some pieces that haven't appeared on the blog in a long time, like this gray bat t-shirt that was last spotted in an outfit post from 2013! Egads! It's a weird t-shirt material and I believe I also got a stain on the bottom of the hem, so it's definitely a 'tuck in' sorta top. 

Wearing; gray bat t-shirt (old, Sourpuss Clothing), belt I always wear, skirt (old dress cut into a skirt), spider web stocking (Leg Avenue), hearse necklace (old via Cats Like Us, put onto a rosary bead chain), winklepicker shoes (vintage, London Underground)

The shoes! The shoes were my main focal point to this outfit, because Julie Ann thrifted these vintage 90s London Underground winklepickers for $5!!! THRIFT FIND OF THE YEAR!!!! Thank you Julie Ann!

They are an amazing lower shoe style which I have been lusting after, and VOILA! Wishes can come true! They need a little polish, but I was too excited to wear them. <Insert giddy giggling> Here are my vintage London Underground winklepicker boots.

The punk cupcakes dress has appeared on the blog, here, here and here, but this is my favorite styling so far! Side note-holy crap my hair has gotten long!

The little knit Peter Pan collar top fits so nicely layered under the jumper style dress and I love the way it seamless looks like one whole dress! I have to admit I impressed myself with my wardrobe mix-n-match skills. Hahaha! 

Wearing; knit Peter Pan collar top (Hot Topic), Punk Cakes dress (old style, Folter Clothing), belt I always wear, purple coffin pin (freebie with order from Summer Blue Jewelry) boots (via 6pm.com)

Definitely been having a lot of fun during October getting dressed for work. Though I wear Halloween-esque things throughout the year, it's really freeing to be able to get a little more ridiculous than usual. *Wink*

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Great Pumpkin Farm 2016

On Sunday morning Derek and I bundled up and took our annual trip to The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, NY. Seeing as the Autumnal weather was visiting us once again, we both decided to adorn ourselves with coats, hats and a few extra accessories....so basically everyday attire. Hahaha!!!

Since we're basically big kids, we maneuvered through the crowd and took time to take advantage of the photo op props that are placed around the pumpkin farm. I have to say that we noticed the vast improvement of art and other fun from previous years and are delighted to have seen this great place grow!

I couldn't resist posing with the Witch since I was wearing my mini witch hat. We got a lot of compliments and comments, but my favorite was a little boy who exclaimed, "Whoa! She's a Witch!". Shhhhh, Kid. Don't give away my secrets. *Wink*

Our actual anniversary was yesterday and we celebrated 7 years of marriage, laughter everyday and lots of goofball activities. I love this man with all my heart and I couldn't ask for a better life partner and best friend.

Any who enough of the mushy stuff...thank you for reading my friends!