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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy Octoberween: Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Happy October 3rd dear friends! Okay, I know it's weird to be wishing you a happy October 3rd, but Derek have been busy with Halloween decorating insanity. I started on the evening of September 30th, as I packed away our "creepy" everyday decor to make way for all the pumpkins, banners, decorative figures, garland and other pieces that we deemed Halloween decor. 

Halloween Kitsch-en collectibles

October is the perfect time to talk about Halloween collectibles, especially my favorite type; vintage. I am not dismissing modern Halloween, I love it all, but I have a special place in my heart for blow molds, ceramic planters, chalkware, etc. So, come along with me and let's explore and maybe this may  help you spot some vintage treasures along your way!

Blow Molds

The cat with the pumpkin is probably one of the more common vintage Halloween blow molds that you will find floating around (you can see ours on one of our Kitsch-en shelves) at antique shops, garage sales, estate sales, etc. Mine isn't marked, but the companies that made the many sought after designs are; Union Products, Empire and General Foam Plastic Corp, etc. Don't be fooled by sellers who want crazy prices for this particular mold (that I have pictured up above), I wouldn't pay any more than $15 unless the little light and cord is included and the piece is in like-new condition. A lot of times the molds are faded or cracked, but still would make a nice display piece without lighting them up. 

Part of this year's decor, there is a mix of vintage and modern molds.

Vintage Planters

I would LOVE to own this Relpo planter. Too cute!

Planters were really popular home decor items in the 1950s & 1960s and were made for every holiday under the sun, but (in my opinion) the Halloween ones are the best! I have a few displayed on a high shelf above our windows and cherish their rarity and their whimsical designs. The most collectible and sought after pieces are made by Relpo and Lefton, yet if you see one that you love, just nab it! The only reason why I know about all this stuff is by turning over the pieces and looking at the markings and then researching the companies. I'm sorta a dork like that. Hehehe!!!!

Our planters were found at flea markets and thrift stores. You never know where you may find them!

Gurley Candles

Our witch has the original label on the bottom with a .59 cent price. Crazy!

This one mildly cracks me up because the Gurley Candle Company is based in my town of Buffalo, NY and I grew up with my Mother owning a bunch of their candles. If I would have known that I would be collecting all this Halloween shenannigans, I would have not let me Mother sell all the candles at a garage sale. Ha! I love all these candles, but refuse to pay the high prices that some sellers want, I just wait until I come across them organically. While writing this and doing a little research about Gurley candle's, it turns out the Vermont Country Store bought the molds and does some reproductions!

Noise Makers, Paper Decorations & Other Party Supplies

Photo from Pinterest. Look at their majesty!

In my mind, the party supplies are what hardcore crazy vintage Halloween people collect. You have to be a little bit nuts to spent time and money looking for relics such as; noise makers, paper decorations, cake toppers, candy containers, etc. These items were used for parties and often were discarded as one time use party items or were stored in a basement or attic to rot. I want it all, but I don't kid myself as the prices for of these items are high and it's due to their rarity. Sigh...... BUT, have no fear as the Beistle Company is reproducing their vintage designs (they have been around since 1900) and you and I can own some of these beautiful pieces! Yippppie!!!!!!

Our noise makers and a one of the candy containers we own 

I'm not an expert by any means, yet it's fun to get excited and share knowledge. I'm always learning and will always enjoy seeing other people's collections, decor items and decorating ideas. Happy Spook-tober everyone!!!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


  1. What an awesome collection! All these retro Halloween things take me back.

  2. Oh, wow! These take me back. :) When I was little, my Mom and Gramma used to put up Halloween decorations from when my Mom was a little girl herself; they rarely could afford to buy anything new way back then. I should ask my om if she still has any of it.

    I love your collections and how you display them!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you should totally ask to see if any of the older decorations are around!!!!

  3. Love your pumpkin pieces! We have been collecting the Lemax "spooky town" items over the past few years. Our exciting find for this season was the pumpkin patch piece we wanted was sold out in the store. Ended up wandering the store despite not having what we wanted only to find a random "as is" section in the back of the store. It had the pumpkin patch house for $20! No damage other than one pumpkin didnt spin as it was supposed to! Yay Halloween decor!!!! ❤

  4. I have the pumpkin on the black cat from when I was a kid! So cool to see it here. I love your blog so much!! Happy October, everyone!

  5. we totally had that ghost with pumpkin. I think my mom still has it.


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