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Friday, September 29, 2017

Glad To Be Back in My "Uniform"

I'm a 'weather watcher' when it comes to checking the weather in order to determine how to dress, because in Buffalo it can go from 80+ degrees (Sunday-Wednesday) to 65 degrees (Thursday) and then waking up to 47 degrees on Friday. So yeah, I gotta check to make sure I won't sweat my face off or freeze my buns off. Hahahaha!!!!!

I was so excited about the cooler weather that I jokingly said, "Which black sweater should I wear today?!". Seeing as I haven't rotated my closet yet, I choose the long sweater (H&M) that I throw over most things. I loooooooooove over size long sweaters or my 'old lady/man sweaters' that I so lovingly dubbed them. I think my over size sweater obsession started with stealing my Dad's burgundy cardigan while in mid school and claiming it for my own.  (BTW-the 90s are back in full force. Over size sweaters galore!)

I called this post, "Glad To Be Back in My Uniform", as I feel so cozy and comfortable in a; button up shirt, leggings or fitted pants, silver jewelry combo and topped off with boots or creepers. Default mode is happy mode! Hahahaha!!! PS- My new TUK loafer creepers are AMAZING!

Oh yeah, over size sweaters make for great bat poses. Weeee!

Do you have a "uniform" type outfit that makes you feel the most comfortable?

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Weekend Getaway: Davide's Tropical Paradise

Okay, so sorry for the delay about our getaway weekend in Cleveland earlier this month. My parents had been staying with us (up from Florida, their house is OK, etc.) and it's been hectic and my mind has been in a fog. BUT, now that things are back to "normal" I can share some of our silliness.

So, I had seen some Instagram photos that my friend Shannon had posted about this amazingly kitschy AirBnB, which turned out to be Davide's Tropical Paradise. Once I told Derek about this little slice of paradise in Cleveland, Ohio, we knew we had to book a weekend! Turns out Adam Ant was performing so, a concert + Tikitastic fun=OH YES!!!!!

I hate feet, lol!

We loaded up our suitcases with our tropical garb as we wanted to take full advantage of the bar and the decor in the kitchen/eating area. I *may* have had a little hangover the next day due to me imbibing more than normal. Oh well, worth it! 

Derek the bartender

The rest of the apartment is decorated with different themes, which you can see on their website. My descriptions (I should have taken more photos) of the decor will not do it justice. This will be the only place we will stay when we visit Cleveland, we felt soooo at home. Hahahaha!

I love going to Cleveland area, we get to visit some of our favorite vintage shops, eat some tasty food and visit Tiki bars. In fact, there is a new Tiki bar in the Akron, Ohio area called Tiki Underground, which we visited first thing before heading to the AirBnB on that Friday.

The outside and area are interesting, very odd spot for a Tiki bar. It didn't even look open when we arrived.

Bar area has a lot of cool mugs and decor. The owner was super nice and inviting. I have to admit the cocktail menu hanging on a little flip stand was different and bit odd.

Tons of Witco! I love these chairs!

Witco Vulture(?) on a Witco table.

Tiki Underground has not even been open a year and I wish the owners all the luck in the world! I think they have some things they still need to figure out, but I hope they grow in popularity and I hope travelers (like us) visit this interesting place.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weekend Getaway: Adam Ant

This past weekend Derek and I took a weekend get-a-way to Cleveland, Ohio for some kitsch-tastic fun at Davide's Tropical Paradise (more about that in another blog), but mostly to see Adam Ant!

Derek is a huge fan and being the super fan that I am, I suggested we got dressed up for the show in our best Adam Ant-esque fashions. Turns out we both opted to wear clothing* that doesn't get much wear, but certainly got a lot of compliments and attention....very flattering! The funniest part for me was when we went to have a drink at Porco (Tiki lounge) before the show and got asked so many questions about our outfits. "Do you always dress this way?!!?!?!!?" and people forced hugs on me. I guess we made them happy...or they were just drunk. LOL! Needless to say I ordered a Navy Grog  as I was in a pirate-y state of mind. Mmmmmm!

*Derek's coat and shirt are by Shrine Clothing *My dress is by Shawna Hofmann, hat is from a costume store

Adam Ant was fabulous, the crowd was fabulous and we dance and sang our hearts out. I have to say, Adam looks very sexy in his leather pants. Me-OW!!!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Thrift Store Cutie

Most of the time when I am thrifting or second hand shopping I'm looking for items for my etsy shop or items for resale, but occasionally I will find a little cutie for myself. This little dress was picked up for $4 and I was surprised that it had a Forever 21 label.

Though it's hard to see in the photo, I'm wearing a pair of stretch lace bike shorts by Deranged Designs. These are the best and most comfortable bike shorts I've ever owned! Not only is their construction superior, they are incredibly comfortable. The shorts make wearing dresses that are too short for me easier to wear as I don't like my bum hanging out. Hahahaha!!!

Wearing; bow dress (thrift store), spiked flower headband (Bling Beauty Bowtique), Siren (Matte Lipstick by NYX Cosmetics)

Looking forward to the weekend, we're heading to Cleveland, Ohio for some adventure.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Friday, September 8, 2017

It Doesn't Take A Lot of Money To Look This Tacky

"It doesn't take a lot of money to look this tacky", is something I say quite often and I really don't mean that I think it's tacky......I think it's FABULOUS! (You have probably figured out by now that I'm a very tongue-in-cheek person) What I am referencing to in this instance is for my love of collecting (and wearing) muumuu's and caftans. The one I am wearing is my newest addition that I snatched off ebay for $16.99, which included shipping. And, the perfect opportunity to wear this beauty was for Tiki Tuesday at our favorite restaurant. I even turned a few heads, hahaha!!!!

Fish and palm trees and blue water, oh my!

I love this style of caftan, I would think it would be amazing if I could make the same style with some spooky prints. Derek and I have been talking about it for years and would love to have a matching Hawaiian style honeymoon set made for us (camp shirt and muumuu) with a print that has bats and pineapples or something along those lines. Mixing the two things we love! Probably would have to have the fabric printed and search out a seamstress (or seamster) to make us our dream garments come true. Sigh.....a gal can dream. Hahaha!!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Feelin' Like Autumn

Despite battling sinus issues, I enjoyed the cooler Autumn-like weather yesterday. We've been having a very mild Summer, which has been a bit of a bummer since Derek and I bought a little 3 foot pool for the backyard. It's basically like an adult kiddie pool. Hehe!

The cooler weather gave me a chance to wear this cute tunic top I got last month on my thrifting adventures. I really love the collar and the bronze collar tip details. It's the type of top that you can roll up the sleeves and button them up, but I'm not a huge fan of that look, so I may just snip the little buttons that are on the sleeves. 

Wearing; tunic top (thrifted), stripe leggings (old, via Sourpuss Clothing), boots (Dirty Laundry), earrings (Blood Flowers Jewelry via etsy)

Can you tell the sinus meds are making me kooky....more than usual.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

Thank you for reading, until next time!