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Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'm With Creepy

This outfit was from early June (and this post has been sitting my draft folder) featuring this "I'm With Creepy" tank top by Sourpuss Clothing. I got the top last Summer and just looked on their website and I appears that they are all sold out. I rediscovered the tank while I was switching over my Winter wardrobe to Summer, and was quite tickled as I forgot about this humorous shirt.

Wearing; tank top (Sourpuss Clothing), skirt (modified from a dress to a skirt), belt (old, Forever 21), cropped cardigan (MAK), spiked creepers (TUK), headband (ebay), spiked earrings (etsy), Sisters of Mercy tile necklace (etsy)

I've really been digging wearing headbands, like the spiked one I am wearing, but the metal bases tend to squeeze my head. I can only get about 2-4 hours of wear before I can't take the head pain any more.

Yet, an accessory that never seems to pain me, are dangle earrings. I bought a few pairs of earrings from Blood Flowers Jewelry on etsy. Kristin's designs are awesome and I'm sooooo happy I bought these coffin earrings (no longer available) and a few other pairs of beautiful dangle earrings. I have my eye on some other pieces in her shop, I think I may have developed an addiction. Hehehehe!

Do you wear headbands? If so, any tips or tricks for me in preventing head pain? Hehehe!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!


  1. ooh I like the headband. I love the shirt too! Really nice outfit!

  2. I love headbands. Been wearing the puffs and ears-so cute :)

  3. That shirt is funny! Too bad they are sold out. :)

    I love headbands but have an abnormally large head for a girl. I make sure I either get ones that are all metal so I can bend the squeezing bit out or that are made out of flimsy plastic so they bend a lot. I don't have any tips for non-metal rigid ones that can't bend, though, so I hope someone else has a good piece of advice for you that I can steal. :D

    1. Large head here, too. I love headbands but most them just get annoying after a couple of hours. Sometimes, backcombing my hair first helps with it staying in place and not digging into the scalp as much. Wide headbands seem to work best for my big ol' head, and I definitely avoid headbands with little grippie teeth in them. HTH :)

    2. I forgot about those annoying little grippie teeth! I guess I got so good at avoiding them that I blocked them from my memory.

  4. Those metal headbands are the worst... I've tried bending, but then they just slip off. I don't think it can be done

  5. If someone has the solution for headband pain, I need to know as well! This just sucks so much!

  6. Oh good, I thought I was the only person who couldn't deal with headband pain! I'm not alone!

    You look amazing!

    I wonder if we all wrote to them they'd remake that shirt

  7. I had a sweater that had that exact saying I bough from Wal-mart last year! I'm so sad, I lost it on a trip =(

    I wear headbands a lot, the only thing that helps me with the pain is gluing felt pads at the pressure points lol. Looks funky, but with your skills you can hide it under your style lol.

  8. Yep Headband solutions are needed here too. I don't know why they don't make them in a couple of sizes.

    Also a friend of mine would love that top, I'd show her but if it's sold out she'll have a sad.

    Aim For Fabulous

  9. I stopped wearing headbands because of it. And I'm having a headpains even after few hours of wearing sunglasses, im too sensitive i guess... Solution could be something crown-shaped or wreath maybe? Or hair-clip ending for some kind of DIY headbands might work - the idea is spikes on black fabric stripe with hair-clip ending on both sides.


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