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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

At The Shop with Bear Knuckle Brawlers

Hello friends! Boy, it's been a while. Today I'm sharing the rest of the awesome package I received from Bear Knuckle Brawlers. Derek and I choose the tattoo shop as a back drop as BKB clothing themes and Ink, Inc. Tattoo Parlor's style, is a great combination. We love; creepy, esoteric and dark, which reflects in the tattoo shop's decor. *Wink*

Derek is wearing the Men's Black Tee-Grin in an XL. Though he really liked the softness of the cotton and LOVES the design, yet the very slim fit made him a bit uncomfortable. He says to size up for larger chests. I'm wearing the Women's Black Rolled Sleeve Tunic T-Shirt-Creep in a large. I choose a larger size as I like to wear my tops a little looser. I've already worn this top a few times and the graphic is perfect after washing!

When I showed Derek and graphic on the Men's Black Crewneck Sweatshirt-Church, he said, "Ohhhh!". Though not normally a sweatshirt person, he exclaimed, "I will wear this one!". I choose the sweatshirt in a XXL and unfortunately Derek doesn't care for the slim fit. Of course, this does not reflect badly on the quality or design, just simply a matter of taste when it comes to fit. I think he looks great, always. Hehehe! <3

If you recall the awesome print on the last Bear Knuckle Brawlers post, the same moon print is on the Women's Black Lightweight Sweatshirt Dress-Moon. This style fits very close to the body and BKB sent me a Medium based on my measurements, so I don't believe wearing this tunic dress oversized would be flattering. I have to admit wearing long line fitted garments makes me a little uncomfortable, yet when I paired this dress with jeggings, it eased my body insecurities. (Our brains are so stupid!!!!) Super comfortable and a lot lighter in weight than the longline hoodie styles. 


Thank you to Bear Knuckle Brawlers for sending us both some awesome casual clothing! They offer a 15% discount off your first order, use code FIRST15.

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!!

A little update on what I've been up to: between basically working three jobs, I've been dealing with chronic digestive issues. Ever since going gluten-free last year, I've had some relief, but I'm still on a slow journey to find out what combination of diet and natural digestive support in order to stop the constant yo-yo weight gain/loss and to just feel "normal". So, you could imagine that I haven't really been feeling my best for a fashion blog. Yes, this is vain and I try not to focus too much on weight and body image, but I have to admit it's a gnawing subject in the back of my mind. As a person who grew up with a Mother who has severe Crohn's Disease and saw her suffer (yet, is one of the strongest people I know) and almost die, I know that vanity is trivial. It's all perspective and staying positive can help me find some answers. <3


  1. Focus on your heath <3
    I typically don't wear hoodies, but if it's got a cute or creepy design, I can be persuaded. Will definitely check out their site:) You guys look great!

  2. OH how I love your bat hair piece! Is that selfmade?

    1. It was a gift from a friend, but I believe it is handmade :)

    2. Aww, what an awesome friend to gift you that :)


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