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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Morning with Bear Knuckle Brawlers

Photo on the left: Pretending to be a morning person
Photo on the right: Reality. Hahaha!!!

Welcome to my kitsch-en and my morning Wednesday routine. Wednesday's are thrift days and my time to run errands and generally have a day to myself. I tend to wear more comfy clothing while I'm running around, but I don't want to look like a complete bum. When I was contacted by Bear Knuckle Brawlers to send me some of their garments, I jumped at the chance since I had been looking for some casual attire that suited my personal style.

I'm not normally a hoodie person, but the Longline Hoodie in the moon print caught my attention since it is like a tunic and I liked that I could style it with all my printed leggings. I have to admit I've been contacted by many t-shirt/lounge wear companies and the reason why I like Bear Knuckle Brawlers so much, is that the designs are the type of imagery that I enjoy. Sometimes less is more.....in my opinion. *Wink*

The verdict: cozy, cozy, cozy. The fabric is soft and the longline hoodie design is easy to wear and I loved that after wearing it all day, I didn't have to pull down or adjust the garment. My only 'con' to the design,  is that I don't like large labels (hem line) on the front of my clothing. This is just a personal opinion about aesthetics as I think it takes away from the overall design, but no biggie!

I have more Bear Knuckle Brawler goodies to share and I get to have my partner-in-crime, Mr. Derek to help me. I also am excited to share our trip to New Orleans as we leave in just a few days!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


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