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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Red and Black Striped Jacket

Hello friends!!! What's shakin? Things have been going well for me with the transition to the tattoo shop as well as focusing on my etsy shop. I've been having a bit of fun getting dressed as of late, been sorting through the closet and accessories as well my shoe closet. One article that needs more love is this red and black striped jacket that I've had for quite a few years. It's an old Hell Bunny jacket, which is actually labeled "Mercy".

Add a few pins and buttons to the lapels and Voila! 

I'm happy that Spring is here and for a bit warmer weather. What I'm not too excited about it realizing I need some new Summer clothing as a lot of my clothing is very worn out and looking ratty. Sometimes I hate shopping as I just can't seem to find new dresses and staple pieces. Ugh!!!!!! 

Anywho, have a great Thursday and a great weekend! Miss you all!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


  1. I'm glad things are going well for you! :) Love the jacket!

  2. It's great hearing everything is working out amazingly.

  3. The wall of velvet paintings is the most awesome thing ever

  4. Staple pieces can be so hard to find! I've been really on a kick for more separates I can mix and match but it can be so hard to find. Love this outfit on you. That's wonderful that you are able to find some less loved pieces to pull out and make new again. :)


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