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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome to Batty Airlines!

(Thanks to Andrew for the gothy airline idea)

This was an outfit I wore to work last week and I felt this outfit could be a uniform for a Halloween-esque themed airline. Andrew came up with "Batty Airlines" and he even pointed out that we could give the kids (and wear) little pairs of bat wings. Brilliant!

I've been wanting to wear this darling Everyday is Halloween kewpie doll scarf. The little kewpie's are dressed as a bat, skeleton, devil, witch and a pumpkin, too cute!!!

I was wearing a striped scoop neck long sleeve t-shirt, so I thought tying the scarf around my neck would keep me nice and warm..and it did! I usually tie these types of scarfs in my hair, but I think I'm going to explore more ways to incorporate them into work outfits. Wearing a scarf is a great corp goth outfit accessory!

Wearing; Everyday is Halloween scarf (Sourpuss Clothing via Cats Like Us), striped shirt & wool cardigan (thrift), skirt (eShakti), romper boots (vintage, etsy), bead earrings (thrift)

Do you have ways that you like to incorporate scarfs into your outfits?

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!


  1. I have always loved Kewpie dolls. You look good.

  2. On long flights, do Batty Airlines planes fly upside down so the passengers can sleep hanging upside down? :D

    Cute scarf!

  3. Those little Kewpies are adorable! <3 Lovely outfit!

  4. Holy incredible scarf, Batman! What an ideal outfit! That skirt! Love the buttons on it. I'm loving that everything looks very comfortable but very fashionable and well put together. That's the dream, right!? :)

  5. I love it! Nope, I got I bunch of scarves thinking I'd incorporate them, but nope. I think I need other ways of tying them

  6. This outfit is genius. I love the batty airlines look and that's such a fun idea of giving the kids bat wings! ;)


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