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Friday, January 20, 2017

Kitsch Picks : Coffin Shelving by Life After Death Designs

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These coffin shelves have stolen my heart!! How amazing are these designs by Life After Death Designs?!?!?!? Such a great idea to display all your macabre knick knacks or create a wall alter. *Sigh* I just can't find the words to properly state how much I love these. Hehe!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!


  1. Oh, it's a great idea! And it needs to be really simple thing to do. Just a few hour ago I was thinking about shelves and shapes (i'll move into a new flat in a month and I am still thinking about all details) :D I also saw some moon-shaped shelves, it looks really cool, but I myself am a big fan of triangle-shaped shelves.

  2. I love these! I'm just waiting for my mini coffin shelf from Spooky Box Club, then I'm going to paint it (I'm thinking black, with little white bats and/or spiderwebs to make things more interesting) and use it to display my little perfume collection.

  3. So perfect for you! I can totally see these in your house!

  4. Thank you for your kind words! Everyone here is welcome to use coupon code SKELETEN for $10.00 off a purchase of $25+ at www.lifeafterdeathdesigns.com

    Thanks for spreading the love fellow ghouls <3

    Life After Death Designs

    1. Ohhh awesome, that is so kind of you! :) Thank you!


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