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Friday, May 19, 2017

New Orleans Trip Part 2

I totally forgot to mention in New Orleans Part 2 that we ended our evening (5/8/17) by strolling through Jackson Square and finding a tiny bar in Pirates Alley. The bar services absinthe and Derek and I had wanted to give absinthe in try in the tradition sense. We both dislike anise flavors and have had absinthe based cocktails that we did not enjoy, but we got adventurous this time!

The verdict? It was quite enjoyable! We shared one glass together (that was already prepared?), which was tasty, so we ordered another and watched the process. Ice cold water dripping on a sugar cube that is over a glass of the absinthe brand, Absente. Yum! 

So, as you can surmise from all the photos that we did consume a lot of alcohol, but not getting too crazy. *Wink*. Tuesday (5/9/17) was Tiki tourist day and we dressed in our tropical ridiculousness and set out once again to check out the French Quarter sites. We stopped in at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum which was so interesting, so interesting that I forgot to take any photos inside. So many interesting artifacts and so much to read, I could have spent all day looking at all the old medicine bottles and reading what they claimed to help. 

I did snap a photo of us in the museum's courtyard. Tourist fashion!!!

Since we were in the area of the Hotel Monteleone, we decided to stop in a have a drink that their carousel themed bar. Yep, it's a bar that very slowly rotates around. You sit on the bar stools and you move, but the middle bar stays stationary. The bartender has to hop over the bar in order to get in and out! Craziness! The drinks were tasty and the ladies next to us were a riot.

Next thing you know we are hungry and went over to Tiki Tolteka which is a Tiki bar that is located above a Mexican restaurant. Wait, you can order tacos and a Tiki drink?! I'm in!

I really wished we could gotten a photo of the both of us in one shot. Oh well. 

The drinks and food were good, the decor was AMAZING, but our experience was sorta 'meh'. The bartender could have cared less if we were there (at first), but finally got him to knowledge our "How are you?" inquires. Oh well, can't have a great experience everywhere. 

Wednesday (5/10/17) was our last full day in NOLA, but we wanted to get out of the French Quarter, so we hopped on a bike taxi and went to the Garden District. Number one place we wanted to visit was Lafayette Cemetery #1. 


I took a lot of photos, but I'm going to post them all and bore you. We went to St. Louis Cemetery #1 the last time we visited, so it was cool to go to a different cemetery and hear some of its history. 

I did so good with applying sunscreen and not getting burned....until the cemetery. Irony. Ugh! Hahahaha! 

Thank you for letting me share my trip with all you!

Until next time,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Striped Vest with Gauchos

I got the back of my calf tattooed (a piece I've been putting off getting finished), so I needed to wear loose fitting bottoms that wouldn't rub or drag on my legs. I opted to wear my gauchos which first appeared in the "That's Not a Skirt?!" blog. These darn things are so comfortable! I forget what's it like to not wear such fitted clothing like jeggings and leggings, especially when I was a wide leg pants wearer from mid 90s to early 2000s.

I'm wearing a basic black tank top tucked into the gauchos, a 3/4 length sleeve light cotton sweater and my cropped black and white striped vest. Add some pointy shoes, a thin studded belt, layered cross necklace and coffin earrings, and this completes my look!

On a totally random note, I think I may have developed a severe sensitivity to hair bleach. Though my friend only used a soap cap on me (shampoo+bleach) to lighten this time, I'm still dealing with a painful itchy scalp. I am going to try a treatment he suggested using cholesterol hair conditioning cream. Yes, I also reacted with "WTF?" when he first said "cholesterol". Artery hardening anyone? Hahaha, just kidding! So, I'm going to give the treatment a try and cross my fingers in hopes of a solution.

Back of vest: patch made from a (now defunct) Deathrock Magazine t-shirt

Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading.

Until next time!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Orleans Trip Part 1

Sunday 5/7/16 tipsy outside of Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo

Hello friends! Derek and I are back from our trip to New Orleans and we had a great time! I have to admit this vacation wiped me out. Lots of walking, eating and drinking....and sun. There will be a lot of photos in this blog, so I hope you enjoy!

This would be our band photo. 

Sunday we got up at 3:30am to get to the airport for our 6am flight, (Ugh!) which got us into New Orleans at 11am. We headed to our AirBnB to drop off our luggage and headed to Cane and Table for brunch, which included an all-you-can drink menu. So you see, Sunday was a very 'boozy' Sunday.

After going back to the studio apartment (found through the AirBnB app) to get freshened up and changed, we headed out to roam the French Quarter. We found ourselves on Bourbon Street, which was in full blown drunk tourist mode. We kept saying, "What is going on? Why are we here?", but we managed to run into a friend we could relate too. Hahaha! Derek was so excited that that mascot was wearing a top hat.

Mr. Skeleton man requested I take a photo too, so I had to give him a hug.

We ended the night at Latitude 29 which is owned by Beachbum Berry and his wife. We had a great time, chatted with some lovely people and had some great cocktails.

Obligatory photo of Derek enjoying his cocktail.

The next day (Monday 5/8/16) we got a slow start to the day, because well....we drank a lot the day before. We started off the day going to the French (open air) Market and had a delicious brunch and headed out to explore the shops. Our main goal was going to the John Fluevog store as we had a credit from a shoe return (pair for Derek that didn't work out) and we wanted to look at the shoes in person. Derek tried on a crazy pair of loafers (which he didn't purchase) and he let me use his credit. This resulted in me getting my first pair of Fluevogs!

I fell in love with the Alison style the first time I saw them. The skull buckles paired with the strappy and pointy style makes me very happy. They are SO comfortable and I'm looking forward to no sock weather so I can rock these beauties with dresses, skirts, etc. 

Hand. Staple. Forehead

After popping into the shops, we went to the Museum of Death.  It was a really neat smaller museum that had lots of Victorian Memento Mori items, bones, taxidermy as well as lots of serial killer information and artifacts. The murder scene photography, car accident footage and other various gruesome imagery didn't peak my interest, but I'm glad we went as I always learn something new!

Derek loves Baron Samedi

We worked up a thirst and wanted to sit in a shaded courtyard, so we wandered into Pat O'Briens. They are famous for their hurricane cocktails and frankly they just tasted okay, yet  more refreshing after the ice melted. Hahaha!

After more walking around (I had to ice my hips and ankles every night), we went back to Cane and Table for dinner. Not only was the food delicious, Derek was very happy that he got the pineapple drink that he saw on the menu. Mind you it's a two person drink, but vacation to us means "let's indulge!". That is one happy person with his happy pineapple.

I was marveling as to how awesome the Tiki fountain was in the restaurant's courtyard and next thing I know we're posing next to it. Our waitress was awesome to offer to take our picture, but we are both clearly uncomfortable. ACKWARD PHOTO TIME....GO!

Phew! I'm exhausted all over again just looking at these photos. Fun exhausted, of course.

Part two soon to come. Thank you for reading!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Leopard, Spikes and a Bow

Happy Friday my dear friends! Any exciting plans for this weekend? Our plans include working and packing for New Orleans as we leave super-duper early on Sunday morning. *Insert happy dance* It's going to be an interest temperature change from the very wet and chilly weather we've been having, but I'm ready for some sun and warmth and de-layering a little bit.

Now that I've been at the tattoo shop for over a month, I've been wearing shoes and other pieces that only come out of the closet from time to time, like this leopard blazer and these spiked platform creepers. I don't know why I never put insoles in these shoes before, it makes a world of difference!!! Foot pain is never fun. Never!

I've been having a lot of fun getting dress everyday. I've been challenging myself to wear what I have and add only things to the wardrobe that I really want. I did a Spring time closet purge which mostly consisted of realizing some of my basics were too worn out and needed to be turned into rags.(Eeeeek!) I also tackled the enormous piles of sweaters that I own and passed a few of them to a friend and some went to the donation pile. I'm usually cold=I own a lot of sweaters. Hehehe!

Wearing; leopard blazer (old, gift from my mom), boatneck top (Target), cross belt (old, Forever 21), skirt (DIY from a dress), spiked creepers (old, ??? eBay?), necklace (gift made by Derek), bone bow (DIY'ed by me), earrings (The Pumpkin Coven), Creepers pin (Last Craft)

Do you do a seasonal wardrobe rotation and/or seasonal closet purges?

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Morning with Bear Knuckle Brawlers

Photo on the left: Pretending to be a morning person
Photo on the right: Reality. Hahaha!!!

Welcome to my kitsch-en and my morning Wednesday routine. Wednesday's are thrift days and my time to run errands and generally have a day to myself. I tend to wear more comfy clothing while I'm running around, but I don't want to look like a complete bum. When I was contacted by Bear Knuckle Brawlers to send me some of their garments, I jumped at the chance since I had been looking for some casual attire that suited my personal style.

I'm not normally a hoodie person, but the Longline Hoodie in the moon print caught my attention since it is like a tunic and I liked that I could style it with all my printed leggings. I have to admit I've been contacted by many t-shirt/lounge wear companies and the reason why I like Bear Knuckle Brawlers so much, is that the designs are the type of imagery that I enjoy. Sometimes less is more.....in my opinion. *Wink*

The verdict: cozy, cozy, cozy. The fabric is soft and the longline hoodie design is easy to wear and I loved that after wearing it all day, I didn't have to pull down or adjust the garment. My only 'con' to the design,  is that I don't like large labels (hem line) on the front of my clothing. This is just a personal opinion about aesthetics as I think it takes away from the overall design, but no biggie!

I have more Bear Knuckle Brawler goodies to share and I get to have my partner-in-crime, Mr. Derek to help me. I also am excited to share our trip to New Orleans as we leave in just a few days!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

This Old Goth Haus: Getting Ready for the Summer

Celebrating getting 'shit done'

Derek and I have been cleaning up the death and decay that Winter brought upon the yard and around our humble abode. We are getting ready for warmer weather! The grill has been cleaned, outdoor furniture has been taken out of the shed, I cleaned up dead leaves and other various trash, and we put up the screen for the garage. A.K.A - Our Tiki hut.

We are also pretty darn excited to have the last part of our sewer project which will be completed tomorrow. The sump pump discharge (and downspout) will be tied into our sewer line, which will stop the swamp forming in our front yard. Yay! Once the pipeline is laid underground, we can then fix up the front garden and add shrubs. Our little goth haus won't look so sad any more! Hahahaha!

I got a little creative and made some little flower planters out of plastic pink lawn flamingos. I purchased some inexpensive flamingos (The Christmas Tree store), a four pack of little plastic pots (Dollar Tree) and some purple pansies (Home Depot). I used a very sharp utility knife and cut a rectangular hole in the back section of the flamingo, then I put the pansies in the little pots and fit the flower pot into the hole. Voila! Kitschy planters. I have some ideas involving Halloween blow molds for the front of the house, looks like I can't be stopped! Creepy in the front, Tiki in the back, the best of both our worlds. Hahahaa!!!

We both have black thumbs (no goth pun intended), so I'm happy to report that I've only killed one plant so far. Sigh.......

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Haters Roast : The Shady Tour

I mentioned in my last post that I was recovering from all the Sunday fun, and that fun revolved around seeing the Queens on the Haters Roast: The Shady Tour. These are some of the Queens from all different seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race including; (left to right) Jinkx Monsoon, Kim Chi, (me, j/k), Acid Betty, Phi Phi O'hara, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and Bob the Drag Queen. We had the chance to do a meet and greet before the actual show and I'm so glad we did! *Sigh* :)

Derek and I had to get gussied up, as not only are going to see drag queens perform a perfect opportunity to put on some of our best duds, but it's the best time to let your inner drag queen shine. (Or outer drag queen. Heeheheh!)

Derek's suit was quite the hit with all the Queens and Bob (the Drag Queen) said to me, "Come on up Cyndi Lauper", when it was my time to have my photo taken. Tooo funny! Shout out to the black tulle skirt I snatched up on ebay, it's nice and full and just what I was looking for this event.

Derek and I headed to Club Marcella for the after show and got to hang out with some of the Queens including; Acid Betty (top), Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (middle) and Jinkx Monsoon (bottom). I did chat with Bob the Drag Queen briefly, but I was too nervous to ask for a photo. *Insert fan girling* Everyone was so sweet and it was nice to just hang and chat about life, the show and where they are traveling to or what projects they are currently working on. It was such a magical night that we didn't get into bed until 4am!!! That is a CRAZY night for us and totally worth it. I'm still floating on a cloud.

Another fun photo with Jinkx since she's such a doll!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

P.S. My eyelashes were falling off, which never happens to me....ARGH!! Embarrassing LOL!

Monday, April 24, 2017

"That's Not A Skirt?!"

I've had some luck in adding a few thrifted pieces to my closet. I found these bottoms in the skirt section and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were cropped gaucho pants. I was drawn to the high waist, pleating, length and the 'V' style front that is similar to my favorite shirt

Yay, so comfortable and flowy! Looking forward to styling these pants in a variety of ways, as I believe these will become a wardrobe staple. 

Wearing; velvet beret (thrift), boatneck top (Target), studded cardigan (eBay), gaucho pants (thrift), thin studded belt (Target), moon and bat necklace (The Pumpkin Coven), boots (6pm.com)

I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I'm recovering from a very eventful Sunday night, which I will share soon. *Wink*

Thank you for reading, until next time!