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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Velvet, Lace and Stripes

We went to our friend Lauren's salon/barbershop opening last night, so I opted to wear velvet and lace with my Killstar "So Goth I'm Dead" as an added touch of goth kitsch. So many people laughed when they saw the bag and said it was perfect for me.  I had to add that Derek gifted it to me as we think it's extremely humorous, since it has been a phrase we have both been using for years.

Wearing; lace dress (H&M), velvet dress coat (vintage, thrifted), cross belt (old, Forever 21), winklepickers (London Underground, thrifted), spider brooch I wore on my wedding dress

Not only is Derek's suit pretty amazing, his Fluevog shoes (that I encouraged him to buy) are amazing!!!! They are the Duckie shoes inspired by the amazing Duckie Dale character in Pretty in Pink. We encourage each other to be over-the-top with our fashion choices. Hehehe!

I snapped this photo earlier in the day before we headed out to run some errands and go to some thrift stores. I am so glad that we went out yesterday as I found a part for the gift I am making for Derek for Yule. I have to mention on cross bone necklaces are from Purgatory Plaything. When we both wear them, we have been asked, "Does that stand for something?". Answer: we REALLY like bones. *Wink*

Bad photo, good outfit.

Wearing; striped sweater (thrifted), 80s skirt (thrifted), boots (Dr. Martens via ebay), bat belt (gift from Derek via ebay), ankh earrings (ebay), bone necklace (Purgatory Plaything), blue sandstone crystal necklace (flea market).

I hope everyone is well! Thank you for reading, until next time!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Walking Around in a Daze

Yesterday was a terrible for all of America....and the world. I always knew the system was totally fucked, but it goes to show the true colors of my country and it disgusts me. I pretty much keep my mouth shut when it comes to expressing certain opinions online, but I can't help to express my overwhelming fear as a woman, supporter of the LGBTQ community and believer that all people of any race and religion should all be treated equally with dignity and respect. I have lost a lot of my hope, but I will continue to support my community and continue to fight. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Greetings

Hello friends! Phew, it's been a crazy few weeks and now with Halloween past (which in my mind it's NEVER over), I have to start thinking ahead to the holidays. I know, I know *groan*. I'm not talking about Yule, I'm talking about Thanksgiving and all the plans we have with friends and our family. I feel like November is going to be over in the blink of an eye and I'll be left dumbfounded like I am very year. 

The other thing that has been crazy busy is my etsy shop as well as I've been off on buying adventures with my husband and friend Jodee. Actually, Jodee snapped a photo of me while at an estate sale this weekend. I LOVE the room dividers that were in the basement as I love vintage kitsch and tacky decor, plus I love the colors. Cool part of my outfit (photo above) was that I am wearing the velvet beret and silver chain necklace from the previous week's second hand finds. I have been looking for a velvet beret and you can't beat 'fill a bag for $5', so the hat came home with some other friends. Hahaha!!!

I have to have a lot of self control when I'm estate sales, rummage sales, thrift shops, etc., as our house would look like an episode of Hoarders. So, I try and keep things to a minimum even when things are just a .25 cents or even free, but I couldn't resist gold lurex knit gloves for $1, because I can wear them with my velvet coats. Hehehe!!! Yes, I like gold in certain situations, especially when they are items from the Victorian Era, or 60s/70s. Oh lurex, I love you, but you itch like CRAZY!!!

I hope to get back into some sort of regular blogging routine, but as you all know life is not always predictable...which I'm also okay with!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!

PS-I wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my Halloween post, I haven't been able to respond, but they are much appreciated!! <3

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

As you know we're a little 'batty' for Halloween! Hahaha! These were our costumes yesterday as we were ready to hand out candy to the trick or treats (we had to leave the bowl out, since no kids showed up) and then went to a party.

On Saturday we went to a Samhaim party and we were so wrapped up in our other costumes, we forgot to plan one for the party! I just sorta 'went with it' and did a goth look that turned out to be very Monica Richards-esque.

I am wearing a lace top that was from a clothing swap, Restyle dress that I bought last year which had to be chopped down into a skirt (their size chart was VERY wrong and I was VERY upset about it), sleeves are by Rose Mortem (Derek won them for me at an auction/benefit event), head piece is a necklace, rose crown by Bling Beauty Boutique, wig is something I've had for a few years.

Yeah, I was dressed as a goth, but felt very ethereal and it was nice to dress and have the outfit evolve....and use items I've never worn. Unfortunately I didn't get a better photo of the really nice lace neck ruffle I was wearing. Oh well.

Derek the Undertaker was my date <3

And then for something completely different! Presenting Pizza Princess and her husband King Candy Corn. These are the costumes we wore for a swing dance a few Sunday's ago. We dressed as some of our favorite foods and just created characters from some clothing we had, which served as our base to our imagination.

Derek painted his jacket (thrift store), sculpted the details on his crown, my crown, my necklace and earrings, along with my pizza scepter and his cane. I added felt pizza's (hat I made) to the thrifted dress, along with dingle balls and ribbon. I'm really, REALLY good at making little pizzas. Haha!

Sadly it's Novemver 1st and we're going to try and find some after Halloween deals, but I know it's going to all be Christmas and.......yeah, I'm not ready for that. TOO EARLY!!!

How was your Halloween? Did you get a chance to dress up?

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!