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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bad News, But Cute Outfit

We got a bit of bad news yesterday when I took our car in yesterday (which was already in the shop last Tuesday for brakes and an inspection) to figure out why we have a small oil leak. The results had me seeing red with dollar signs flying out of my eyeballs. We are getting a second opinion from the dealership next Monday. Ugh, at least I really liked my outfit as silly as that sounds.

In my life things happen in 3's. Sewer (now repaired), roof (starting tomorrow) and now the car. I'm trying not to lament too much, though it's overwhelming, but I know it can always be worse. Gotta look on the bright side-things are getting done.

Wearing; Off the shoulder top (H&M), belt (c/o Tobi), skirt (modified from a dress), necklace (flea market find), skeleton earrings (Alchemy Gothic), bow (piece of lace), flats (Target).

I'm looking forward to going out with friend's tonight and enjoying what's left of the summer months. I have some fun art projects I'm going to be working on and I've got all of you to help keep me positive and moving forward. *Wink*

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Monday, July 25, 2016

We Perspired in the Shire at the Renn Faire

I can't take credit the 'perspire in the shire' part of the blog title, that was Derek's funny comment as we were getting ready to head out to the renn faire. We made the 2.5 hour drive in 90 degree heat to frolick in Sterling, NY at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. 

I didn't take a ton of photos since I was too busy eating, drinking mead and enjoying the Highlander themed weekend. I did grab a photo of Derek getting his hair braided, which was cute seeing as there were many little girls getting their hair done and my Viking husband getting his top knot braided. I realized I do not know how to start a French braid at the top of the head, so Derek was in much better hands. Hahaha!!!

We went to the faire with our wonderful friend Mike who is wearing a kilt and sporran. Many, many sporran jokes were made....many. Hahaha! I also couldn't stop laughing at his giant drinking horn and when Derek had to help pull Mike's wallet out of his kilt. Heat+mead=lots of giggling and immaturity. It was great!

Showing off my tiny horn, which just blends into my dress. Hehe!

Unfortunately I didn't a detailed photo of my outfit, but I am wearing a beautiful chainmaille necklace from Purgatory Plaything. Chemise and overdress were purchased on eBay and though I loved the chemise, yet the overdress was much to be desired in terms of quality. Even though I bought from a store that was been selling Renaissance garb since the 90s, it was 'eh'. I made it work and since it's only a once a year event, I didn't want to make too much of a fuss. I do think I am going to sew an Irish overdress for next year after admiring other ladies outfits and browsing the vendors stalls.

And I managed to snap a photo of my practice hair from the night before, complete with little floral hair combs I made. I really liked my hair like this, it made me feel very ethereal and keep me nice and cool!

Renn Faire spoils! I got a beautiful hand stamped leather o-ring belt and some yummy smelling soaps. Not shown is all the; delicious food, nuts, laughter and memories we made. 

So romantic. LOL!!!

We survived the heat and had a great time!!! Huzzah! 

Thank you for reading, until next time!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gabbing About 1920s Fashion and Hanging with the Fabulous Jodee

These photos were from last month's swing dance and I realized that it's been a month, because the July's swing dance is tomorrow! Time is flying, argh!!! Derek and I will not be attending this month since we'll be at the Renn Faire, but I'm already planning out my outfit since it's a Great Gatsby theme. I really had to brainstorm an outfit since most 1920s silhouette's look ghastly on me and as much as I like fringe and the flapper look, there is much more to that era of dress. Much more....

Franny (The Curious Professor Z) will agree with me that watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a wonderful source of 1920s inspiration and oh-so-drool worthy. I can't get enough of the costuming on the TV series and would love a dress like Phryne Fisher for the dance, but in reality I just can't justify spending a lot of money on one evening.


So I've opted to dig into my closet and (as Tim Gunn would say), "make it work!" Luckily some of my drapey and lacey pieces will do the trick and by adding some long layered necklaces, it will hint at the 20s. I truly believe when you're going to a themed event, you don't have to look like you are wearing a costume nor spend a lot of money. *Wink*

Some of my inspiration:

My dress is a similar silhouette to the gal's (all the way to left) dress. 

I love the turban, layered necklaces and the floral details on the shoulder. If I don't wear my kimono over the dress, I may make a floral shoulder piece to wear.

The gal on the left's dress is amazing and the silhouette works for me, the other two are darling, but the shape is wrong for me.

Siouxsie Sioux's amazing long beaded overdress is a perfect pairing of 1980s goth and 1920s glamour. You see Siouxsie wearing a lot of beautiful vintage pieces throughout her career.

Before I get too excited for the dance, I will stop here. Thank you for letting me brainstorm!

Do you take fashion inspiration for the 1920s?

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Kitsch Picks: Circlets by Dawn Hill Designs

(Please click on bold text to link you to the product)

I am beyond kicking myself that I didn't discover Dawn Hill Designs any sooner! Derek, our friend Mike and myself are going to the Sterling, NY Renaissance Festival this Sunday and any of these beautiful pieces would have been amazing to wear. Argh!!! I will stop lamenting as any of these would be amazing for a wedding, for ritual work or for festivals. Shout out to Dawn Hill Designs for offering custom options in an array of colors!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trying to Beat the Summer Heat with Tobi

When I was contacted by Jennifer from Tobi, I was glad because I really dig their selection of summery black clothing. I was drawn to the All Eyes on Me Maxi Dress, because of the neckline and how it tied in the back. 

I was a little worried about how to wear a bra, so I paired the dress with a criss-cross back bralette and really liked the way the straps played into the design of the dress. I know I expressed how I didn't understand how to wear certain dresses with all the cut-out's or low backs in a previous blog post, so I got myself a few pretty bralette's (love the Wrapped in Lace Bralette), which has been an amazing summer wardrobe solution. It's been hot and sticky, so. very. sticky.

I also would like to point out that I would normally wear a necklace, but this neckline doesn't necessarily need more which I find very nice on hot days when wearing jewelry can be uncomfortable. This particular day I did a lot of walking and was so happy to not have anything rubbing on me and just enjoyed the breeze gently blowing my hair and flowy dress around. Ahhhhhh.....

And then there are days I over accessorize (like there's such a thing?!) and pair the Cross Walk Maxi Skirt and Look Divine Double Buckle Belt together with a basic tank top, chain necklace, big hoops and a big hat. Oh yeah, and my favorite pointy booties.

Remember when there were crosses on everything? Well, it's not just a trend in this goth's wardrobe, so the Cross Walk Maxi Skirt with its long sheer over skirt and solid mini skirt underneath, paired with the side slits make this a very breezy piece to wear. I have to admit that the mini skirt is a little too mini for my derriere, so next time I will be styling the skirt with something long over the top to create a layered look. 

Oh yes, can't forget about my new favorite belt. The Look Divine Double Buckle Belt with it's metal tips, ornate buckles and Western-ish vibes make me a very happy gal. I love belts and really think they can add so much to a basic black dress or break up a pattern. 

This is what happens when you want to go out for a drink with your husband, but you want to wear a new dress you just got. I may have been a little over dressed, but once I started styling the Meadow Cut Out Skater Dress, I couldn't stop! The lovely rose pattern on the dress is divine, so pairing my rose crown was a no-brainer and it also looked nice with my pin curled hair! Side note: pin curls are keeping the terrible humid-induced frizz away. I can't wait to go back to our regular teasing routine.

The dress fits beautifully, but the bust was slightly too big, so added a little coffin pin to create a sweetheart neckline. I added an oldie, but goodie necklace, bracelets and some lace flats for comfort. I felt lovely for the evening and had a nice relaxing evening with my awesome husband.

The Meadow Cut Out Skater Dress is divine and I'm looking forward to styling in numerous ways thanks to the versatility of the style and it's so comfortable! 

Here are some categories that I think you will dig shopping: black dresses, black crop tops, accessories, jackets, and wedges. Can't forget to mention they have FREE SHIPPING and free returns to the United States. No minimums?! Totally rad. 

Wait there is more: become a member and get 50% off your first purchase. *faints*

Thank you to Jennifer from Tobi for this collaboration as this has been a sponsored post, yet all pieces are Coffin Kitsch approved!!! 

Thank you for reading, until next time!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Feelin' Tropical

Phew! It's been HOT, so dresses for working meant trying to wear as little as possible while still being work appropriate. So,  I decided on the Tiki Serenade Dress (also seen here) by Heart of Haute that hasn't really seen the late of day in almost two years. It's a wonderful cotton dress, but it got neglected due to the halter straps.

I gave tying the straps a different way, a way that Julie Ann mentioned she saw a pinup model on Instagram tie the straps off to the side and into a bow. So, rather than the large knotted bow being at the back of my neck, I looped one strap around to meet the other side (on my right side) and tied them together. It did look cute, but left a very long tail that I had to tuck into the dress. 

Still not super crazy about wearing halters, but I'm still going to experiment with the straps as I realized how much I really dig the pattern on this dress and the shape looks flattering on everyone! 

Wearing; Tiki Serenade dress (Heart of Haute), orange hibiscus (made by me), bamboo earrings (Cats Like Us), bamboo bangles (vintage via etsy), Tiki necklace (Charcoal Designs), cork wedges (given to me by Julie Ann)

Another work outfit this week revolved around wearing these vintage barkcloth Hawaiian shorts that belong to a set that was a cropped top. No crop tops at work, so I paired the shorts with a sleeveless collared button-up. I don't tend to wear shorts, but when it's hot and you basically don't care, they are a comfy style and something I need to wear more often=outfit time.

I was trying to emote my joy in my shorts and "CRACK!". That was my hip telling me to stop being such a goof. Well hip, that's never going to happen! Muahahaha, ouch. 

Side note: No bloggers have been hurt in the making of this blog.

I needed a necklace to wear as one of my vintage shells necklaces broke right in my hand, so I grabbed Derek's Tiki bolo tie and it sat perfectly posed all day. I hope I can repair that necklace, wahhh!!!!

Wearing; sleeveless collared shirt (thrift), barkcloth Hawaiian shorts (vintage), hair flower (made by me), earrings (80s vintage), Tiki bolo tie (vintage), black flats I always wear (Aerosoles).

I have off today, so I'm going out to hunt for treasures with my friend Jodee. I hope you all have a great Saturday!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Friday, July 15, 2016

Kitsch Picks: Witch Doctor Necklace Set by Summer Blue Jewelry

(click on bold description text to link to product)

I've really been feeling the tropical vibe as it's been such a hot and humid summer. Phew. So, the Witch Doctor 40s/50s/60s Necklace Set by Blue Summer Jewelry really fits into this week's tropical outfits (Blog post to follow) and is putting me in the mood for a Mai Tai. You may remember a past Kitsch Picks that featured some of Summer Blue Jewelry's awesome Halloween items. 


Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shopping, Money and Blah Blah

I was inspired to write a blog about spending, shopping, etc., since I realized how much my spending has gone down as we've been saving for home projects. Side tangent-our sewer is fixed <insert happy dance>. I've been especially saving in the makeup and beauty care items department, as I've been making a conscious effect to use what I have and only re-purchase items that have run out. It's been amazing how many samples I've used up and makeup items (like face powders) that I had and they needed to be finish up. I don't collect makeup, but I do love hair styling products and had a drawer full in my vanity that needed to be used and/or passed on to someone else. I guess my 'wear everything' clothing campaign has also trickled over into a 'use everything' motto. Hehe!

(Here is a video blog from 2013 that I'm chatting a bit about my financial past)

A few subjects I get asked a lot about is advice about shopping and spending. Shopping on all levels; home decor, groceries, clothing/shoes, and home services (cable TV, cell phones, etc.). But before I go any further I have to preface this with a few facts about Derek and myself and our household; we are not in massive debt due to schooling, medical bills, etc., we are a one car couple, we have duel incomes, own our own home in a somewhat economically depressed city and both of us are relatively healthy. Why the preface? Well, there is a variety of reasons of what causes people to spend and are due to things beyond their control and I want to be sympathetic to those reasons. I remember surviving on next-to-no money while still working full time. I get it, I really do.

I also have been asked to write a comprehensive list of where I shop for clothing (including eBay sellers), but I'm still debating on that blog subject.

Tips and Advice From My Experience:

+Groceries: Can be a #1 budget buster for some people, but it doesn't have to be. Now mind you there are thousands of online advice on this subject, but I will give you this one; Make a shopping list, make a weekly menu and cook at home. I learned to cook simply by being forced to and having a small income meant; using coupons, paying attention to sales, cooking with seasonal produce and the biggest money saver---shopping at Aldi. Yep, I still do all these things and it helps to control our diets too. Oh, and take advantage of farmer's markets or local farm's in general!

+Eliminating Extras: Cable TV? Gone and replaced with Netflix and Hulu. Satellite radio that came with the car? Gone and replaced with loads of burned CD's. Going out for a drink? Whittle down to 'once in a while' and replaced with making cocktails at home. Major Network Cell Phones? Gone and replaced with no contract phones. 

+Second Hand: 99% of my furnishings in my home are second hand. Even if you don't love mid century modern mixed with kitsch and the macabre like I do, you can still score some things that suit your aesthetic from thrift shops, charity shops flea markets, garage sales (or boot sales if you're in the UK...I love that name) or Craigslist/newspaper 'for sale' sections. It's a amazing how a little money, some spray paint and elbow grease can really turn other people castaway's into beautiful decor. You know how I thrift for clothing, so I don't need to go into that way of saving. *Wink*

+Make Lists: This one may seem odd, but I pretty much make a list for everything. I use the old school way of using pen and paper as I am not too good with using my phone to track of everything. (Hello, I am Meagan and my smart phone makes me feel stupid) I have magnetic note pads on the fridge, as we tried the dry eraser system and things got forgotten about......and the paper always gets recycled, always.

I usually have three lists going. To-do house list is a great way to help with the 'I don't know what to do' days, so we look at the list and things magically get done. Wooo! The household needs list is for things that we don't purchase at the grocery store, like laundry detergent, shave cream, etc., and a grocery shopping list for when we run out of something. Always write it on the list!!!!! *Looks at Derek*

+Being Happy With What You Have: I have to remind myself of this on a weekly basis as I window shop, read blogs and work in a retail environment. I am tempted all the time to blow my paycheck on an impulse buy or treat myself to something, because I'm feeling down or had a bad day, or I got an email with a 25% off sale. Self control is a bitch. I look all around me and think, "This is more than enough." Don't get me wrong, I am not a cheap ass and I don't expect you to be. I just worked so hard to get myself out of debt that if I don't remind myself of what I have, I could spiral right down that path again! Annnnnnnd, I most certainly don't want to encourage any of you to go down that path either!

Alright, I'm going to stop right here before it turns into a novel, phew! How do you like to save and do you have any budget and/or spending tips you'd like to share? By the way, when did I become so responsible?!?!?!? ARGH!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Few Days with Fancy Hair

Hello friends! The last few days have been filled with friends, getting my hair done and having fancy hair from a photoshoot I did with Jennifer Link Kieffer for Auxiliary Magazine. My friend hair trimmed and colored my hair on Friday and my hair was done by my friend Lauren-Ashley for the photoshoot. 

The photoshoot was very early on Sunday morning, so after coming home to change and wash off the dramatic photoshoot makeup, I was determined to take my hair out for lunch. Oh yeah, Derek came too! Hahaha! 

I slipped on my favorite sleeveless lace top, an eShakti skirt that has become a summer favorite, black flats and my bat parasol from Sourpuss Clothing. We then headed down to the Elmwood Strip (which I've been haunting that part of town since I was a teenager) and munched on lovely Mediterranean food while on the restaurants upper patio. We chatted about how much Buffalo has changed over the years and how cool it is to see the city thriving. Sigh, I love summer's in Buffalo.

On Monday I still took advantage of my locks lookin' lovely and dressed for a very warm day that was going to included running errands and thrift shopping. I paired my favorite skirt (thrifted) with a basic tank top, black comfy flats and a fringed skull and floral Kimono that was given me by my friend Leslie.

I realize that my love of Kimono's doesn't get included in the blog too often. I have several that I like to thrown on when I'm going to out in the sun. The kimono sheds my shoulders and helps keep me warm when I'm going in and out of air conditioned buildings. I also can't lie that I love how dramatic they look when they are blowing in the wind. Hehe!

Shout out to this skirt for having the best pockets ever! I can put my cell phone, measuring tape (handy to have while thrifting) and my lip balm in them without looking overly bulky. Bonus!

I have to mention that it was a good thrifting day. Derek is always my good luck charm and it's great to have a second set of eyes helping to look for vintage treasures. I picked up a red card table for next-to-nothing and a few clothing items and I was smiling from ear to ear.

How was your weekend?

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Kitsch Picks: Vintage Galeria

(click on bold text to link to product)

I've been a huge fan of Vintage Galeria since collaborating with them for Auxiliary Magazine (Dia de los Muertos style article) and they made my favorite Peter Pan collar top. I like their selection of bold prints mixed with some modern retro classics and some Halloween-esque designs thrown in for good measure!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Travel Dress

I wore one of my travel dresses to work last week and it just so happens that Jen over at Betties N Brimstone wrote about planning a vacation wardrobe! How cool is that!? Not that I can't wear this dress on a day-to-day basis, but this Jawbreaker dress (shop dress here) has become a staple in my vacation wardrobe due to the cotton knit, the cut and how I can roll it up and it doesn't wrinkle. 

I felt like being comfy at work, yet the dress is a little short for me and cropped leggings were a must. I am wearing the little shrug as I keep forgetting to fix the straps. The straps have stretched out a little over the years and need to be 'tightened' up with some stitches. As a side note: Since I've been making a conscious effort with my 'Wear Everything' project, I have been identifying issues with clothing, fixing them and it seems like my wardrobe is doubling!

Which makes me really happy! Hahaha! With this hot and humid Summer we've been having, I'm sure I will be wearing everything in my closet. Phew!

Do you have specific type of clothing you like to wear when traveling?

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Monday, July 4, 2016

We'll Miss You

Thank you for the awesome photo Jen!

A few friend's surprised Melanie with a party to wish her well with her new job and move to New Jersey. It's bittersweet for Melanie as she really didn't want to have to move, yet it's a great opportunity for her. My friend that I have know for 17 years, we've been through a lot together and may not always see eye-to-eye, yet always have a lot of love for each other. I will miss her, yet I'm looking forward to some Skye antics that will hopefully not make her so homesick.

We had the party at Victory Studios, where our friend Luke has his photography studio. Luke and his wife Erin put together the surprise and they did a great job on a last minute shindig. Luke thoughyfully set up a photo booth and snapped some photos for Melanie to have, unfortunately a few a of the friend's had to leave before the photos happened. 

There was this amazing throne prop that I had to take a photo sitting on it. I felt like a queen! 

I wore a basic knit dress that has made it's first appearance on this blog and has become a wardrobe staple. I was basically running from work to the party, so I picked something that would be truly comfortable all day and it was a great choice!

Wearing; dress (eShakti), necklace (made by Derek), polka dot scarf and dangle coffin earrings (Sourpuss Clothing), beaded bracelets (thrifted), studded creepers (TUK).

I tend to forget to include my handbags in my outfit posts as I am a 'one bag' sorta gal. I just switched out my crossbody bag and am using a fun Halloween print bag that is made by Dungaree Dolly. I love the green!!!

Melanie, you will be missed, but I'm happy for you to start this new chapter in your life. 

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla