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Thursday, December 8, 2016

She Wore a Black Velvet Beret

This black velvet beret has been my go-to accessory as of late. I had been wanting a velvet beret for years and I finally found a vintage one for pennies at an estate sale. Since my hair has gotten so much longer (how the heck did that happen?!) it takes me a lot longer to style and when I want to wash/blow dry and go, I just plop on my beret so I don't have to spend an hour straightening/teasing/spraying.

This was a casual and warm outfit that I wore on Monday to do some thrifting and run some errands with Derek. I picked up a two dresses from www.boohoo.com since I got them for 50% off and I wanted dresses with SLEEVES. I know bell sleeves are in right now and I love them, but I wear a sweater over all my dresses and it sorta defeats the purpose of wearing amazing sleeves. So yeah, basic dresses for layering have been something I've been on quest for and this dress is a welcome addition to my winter wardrobe. 

I'm still not ready for winter, yet I will be living in my long cardigans and layers and bracing myself for the lake effect snow that I will be visiting us very cool. *grumblebats*

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!


  1. I love your outfit it looks great and dress looks gorgeous.

  2. Pretty outfit! That's a perfect layering dress.

    I have two berets which I wear when I can't endure blow drying my hair. The funny thing is I always get compliments... no one suspects they're bad hair day hats. :)

  3. Yes! Berets are great! I really need one but can never find a decent one cheap. Maybe Australia is too warm...

  4. Congrats on finding this beret at the estate sale. I love berets! Love your layering here too! :)

  5. What a great outfit! I also love berets and their ability to save a bad hair day (i.e. every day for me!)

    1. Oh goodness, yes!!! They are a life....errr, I mean hair saver ;)


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