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Friday, December 16, 2016

Kitsch Picks : Gothmas

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Yule is only 5 days away and Christmas is 9 days away, so I thought I would pick out some fun gothmas items for Kitsch Picks! Etsy crafters and artists never cease to impress me with their creativity and talent and they make this time of the year that much more spooky. Hehehe!!

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  1. That sure is a funny cultural difference. I just noticed that from Nordic point of view I separate yule and winter solstice from each other. That is because our midvinter celebration is "joulu" , "jul" which relates to word yule and ancient heathen celebration. And the big day is 24th when kids get their santa and presents. So we never had christmas or any word for it. But nevertheless, next week is the long waited party season and winter holidays. Gothmas sounds interesting too :)

  2. Cute picks! Really loving the ornaments and that candle made me chuckle. :)


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