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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Work / Home

My camera is on the fritz right now until I figure out why my shutter remote is misbehaving. I think it's just as simple as replacing the (very small and weird) battery, but we shall see. So, I have just been using my phone to snap some, very grainy, but okay photos.

I always think it's funny when I come home to peel off all the work clothes to hop into some comfy clothing after all the effort it takes to get dressed in the morning. I often wonder if those who dress very elaborately like to bum around the house too. Hehehe!

Do you have a favorite item(s) you like to lounge around in?

Thank you for reading, until next time!


  1. I don't re-dress into comfy stuff when I come back home. Instead I shed all the layers and lazily stay in just bra and tights :D I'm too lazy to dress into lounge stuff!

  2. I love this post from glam goth to work and then transformed into comfy goth. I live in my pjs.

  3. I spent all of Saturday in my PJs so yes, I do this shit whenever I can!

  4. I have a fluffy cat onesie, complete with a tail and a hood with ears, which is my winter staple when I'm home :)

  5. OH YES, when I am not leaving the house it is ugly pajama pants, old t-shirts or hoodies, and no makeup for me.

  6. Love! Gorgeous dress and I WANT THOSE PJ's!! And yes, I believe I am in the camp of needing to be comfy as soon as I'm in for the day. it takes me 45 mins - 1 hour per day to get ready in the morning and sometimes nobody sees me but the people at my office haha.


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