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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Velvet, Lace and Stripes

We went to our friend Lauren's salon/barbershop opening last night, so I opted to wear velvet and lace with my Killstar "So Goth I'm Dead" as an added touch of goth kitsch. So many people laughed when they saw the bag and said it was perfect for me.  I had to add that Derek gifted it to me as we think it's extremely humorous, since it has been a phrase we have both been using for years.

Wearing; lace dress (H&M), velvet dress coat (vintage, thrifted), cross belt (old, Forever 21), winklepickers (London Underground, thrifted), spider brooch I wore on my wedding dress

Not only is Derek's suit pretty amazing, his Fluevog shoes (that I encouraged him to buy) are amazing!!!! They are the Duckie shoes inspired by the amazing Duckie Dale character in Pretty in Pink. We encourage each other to be over-the-top with our fashion choices. Hehehe!

I snapped this photo earlier in the day before we headed out to run some errands and go to some thrift stores. I am so glad that we went out yesterday as I found a part for the gift I am making for Derek for Yule. I have to mention on cross bone necklaces are from Purgatory Plaything. When we both wear them, we have been asked, "Does that stand for something?". Answer: we REALLY like bones. *Wink*

Bad photo, good outfit.

Wearing; striped sweater (thrifted), 80s skirt (thrifted), boots (Dr. Martens via ebay), bat belt (gift from Derek via ebay), ankh earrings (ebay), bone necklace (Purgatory Plaything), blue sandstone crystal necklace (flea market).

I hope everyone is well! Thank you for reading, until next time!!!


  1. Looking great! Love the So Goth Im Dead bag!

  2. Derek's giving off Beetlejuice vibes. XD

  3. I can't imagine anyone but you to pull off such cheesy phrase that well :) You just radiate 'FUN!' and on you this bag looks like it should - not serious at all, it's awesome :D

    1. Thank you very much, that is a wonderful compliment! I like tongue-in-cheek things, so totally not serious at all. ;)

  4. OMG! I really love the outfits! you looks amazing, as always!

  5. Love that velvet/lace combo! And the two of you make such a great couple. Loving the bone necklace, need to check out that brand.

  6. Love all these outfits. You and Derek both look great for your friend's barber shop opening (those Ducky shoes are amazing!) and I love your second outfit too. The bat belt is so cute! Great touch!

  7. Holy crap, I love the Fluevog shoes on your husband, those are really neat!


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