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Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn Fashion Inspiration with Punk Rave Clothing

I have had my eye on Punk Rave for years and have seen their pieces on gothic youtubers, bloggers and instagrammers like, It's Black Friday and The Goblin Queen. It seems like every time I find a piece that I want to add to my wardrobe, the garment almost instantly sells out! That says a lot about a clothing brands popularity and uniqueness, but it still leaves me with a mystique about their garments and has me wanting more. So, I am taking some Autumn inspiration from Punk Rave's website and choosing some pieces that I would love to wear and style.

I absolutely love their gothic jackets like the Y-389 Gothic Washed Water Kimono Coat. I've really been enjoying the etheral look of uneven hem lines and over sized bell sleeves as it's been giving me 90s nostalgia like crazy. I think jackets are a wonderful way to add drama to Autumn/Winter outfits and they keep you warm. Bonus!

This one is for the gents, but I would wear the Y-651 Original Design Gunagzhou Gothic Vintage Coat in a heart beat! All the detailing, the cut and the high collar. *Swoons* This coat is pure gothic romance as I can see a beautiful vampire wearing this garment.

Living in the climate of 'I'm always freezing and wearing a million layers', I am always lusting after dresses with sleeves. Much to my surprise, Punk Rave has a selection of gothic dresses with sleeves that are fashionable and functional for my need to layer. The Q-294 Asymetrical Mesh High Neck Dress has a layered meshy skirt what would look great paired with leggings, knee socks and boots, the style would also allow me to wear a tank top underneath for added warmth. Yes, I think about all these things when I'm shopping for Winter attire. Hehe!

This has been a sponsored post by Punk Rave, yet I highly encourage giving their website a look through as you may spot something you love. I do advise to to scroll all the way down to view their product shots (the photos I used for this blog are from their website) and review all size charts before ordering!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


  1. That high neck mesh dress is stunning! I absolutely love Punk Rave, their designs are a delight to look at. Shame about the sizing - having to go a size or two up does nothing for my self esteem ;)

  2. What beautiful clothes! That kimono coat is amazing.

  3. I can totally see you rocking all of these Meagan! Those asymmetric hemlines especially are all you!

  4. I can see you rocking the shit out of these picks!!! Super cute!

  5. Oh, I wrote about this brand a while back. They've come quite far!

  6. I would so wear that gents coat as well! In fact, it's my favourite piece (though I adore them all) highlighted here. Swoon! :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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