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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Roof Is On Fire! (But, Not Literally)

The roof is finished! Last week was totally crazy, nerve racking, and let's face it...expensive. As I type this the guys are cleaning up and I am so relieved as two major house projects in one month's time have been completed. Though the house is seriously lacking landscaping and my window sills are full of crap, and I have a bit of clean up to do, I'm still happy. Even with my car needing a major repair (2nd opinion confirmed the 1st diagnosis), it's not dimming my spirit!

Later on I'm cracking open a bottle of wine to celebrate having my sanity back....sorta. Hahaha!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Looking good - it is always a relief to have the workers out of your hair!

  2. As a newly home owner, my list is now racking up along with budget dwindling. That's the price you pay for owning your own home. Great to know that that it's all sorted.

  3. Sewer (or plumbing in general) and roof can be two of the more worrisome home problems - keeping water where it belongs is critical! It must be a relief to have those taken care of. Enjoy that wine. :D

    I'm a wee bit jealous of your porch and wrought iron, by the way. My house has neither.

  4. Huge high fives! That's fabulous news. Fingers crossed that it starts a chain reaction of positive happenings in your life to help make up for the string of less-than-stellar ones you guys have been hit with lately.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. Awesome! Congrats on getting the two major house projects done! Excellent news! :)


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