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Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Little Nostalgia with Kate's Clothing

Though I tend to lean more towards 80s styling, but I am a 90s goth through and through. When I was a teenager I didn't care whether it was 100 degrees and humid, I would still wear my little velvet dresses like the Gothic London Velvet Dress by Iron Fist (c/o Kate's Clothing)

*Bra strap across the back not part of dress

My little 'summery' velvet dress was not as edgy or strappy, but I do love that the Gothic London Velvet Dress reminds me of my beloved mini velvet dresses I would find at mall stores like Rave and Merry Go Round. Well, reminds me in the sense of style, but not a comment on the quality.....the quality is great! Hehe!

I would also wear stockings like fishnets, combat boots and though my hair was much, much shorter than my hair is now, I wore a lot of cotton headbands. I also tried to pretend that I wasn't a melting goth. Hand. Staple. Forehead.

In my older age I tend to stay away from wearing velvet in the summer, but I have to say that this dress was very comfortable and breezy. I would wear this outfit to the club or later in the day when it cools down and I can't wait to pair this dress with leggings, jackets and tall boots when it's Autumn. 

Another thing I did as a teenager was dream of wearing beautiful gothic jewelry like the Villa Diodati Necklace (c/o Kate's Clothing) by Alchemy Gothic. I would go to Siren in Toronto (goth store-now defunct) and stare at displays of beautiful Alchemy Gothic necklaces, earrings and rings, dreaming of owning and wearing such splendor. Now that I have the means, I still don't take my wardrobe for granted as I have kept that budding young goth in my heart. The one who still gets excited to wear lovely adornments, especially when they have bats on them. *Wink*

A big thank you to Kate from Kate's Clothing for the lovely pieces and for helping me to walk down memory lane. Not only does Kate own Kate's Clothing, but she is also the designer of the brand Necessary Evil. Some new arrivals from Necessary Evil that caught my eye are; the Gothic Lydia Lace Drape Dress and the Gothic Hades Cross Leggings, which I think would look amazing paired together!

When you find something you love, be sure to use discount code MEAGAN10 at check out!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Oh, my goth! So pretty!! Loved it

    ~ bloodbatsandbones.blogspot.com

  2. It's a head turning stunner! Wowzers! I'm wild for black velvet (and velvet in general), too, and have been looking for my perfect frock in this fabric for years now (ditto for a dark blue and a dark purple velvet one). Thanks for sharing one of your current faves with us. It looks awesome on you!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Ohhhh yes dark color velvets=drooltastic! ;) Thank you dear!

  3. I'm right there with you, reliving my crushed-velvet, studded belt, and alchemy-gothic days. Loving evvvverything

  4. Ah, I remember visiting Siren on a trip to Toronto a LONG time ago.


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