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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Feelin' Tropical

Phew! It's been HOT, so dresses for working meant trying to wear as little as possible while still being work appropriate. So,  I decided on the Tiki Serenade Dress (also seen here) by Heart of Haute that hasn't really seen the late of day in almost two years. It's a wonderful cotton dress, but it got neglected due to the halter straps.

I gave tying the straps a different way, a way that Julie Ann mentioned she saw a pinup model on Instagram tie the straps off to the side and into a bow. So, rather than the large knotted bow being at the back of my neck, I looped one strap around to meet the other side (on my right side) and tied them together. It did look cute, but left a very long tail that I had to tuck into the dress. 

Still not super crazy about wearing halters, but I'm still going to experiment with the straps as I realized how much I really dig the pattern on this dress and the shape looks flattering on everyone! 

Wearing; Tiki Serenade dress (Heart of Haute), orange hibiscus (made by me), bamboo earrings (Cats Like Us), bamboo bangles (vintage via etsy), Tiki necklace (Charcoal Designs), cork wedges (given to me by Julie Ann)

Another work outfit this week revolved around wearing these vintage barkcloth Hawaiian shorts that belong to a set that was a cropped top. No crop tops at work, so I paired the shorts with a sleeveless collared button-up. I don't tend to wear shorts, but when it's hot and you basically don't care, they are a comfy style and something I need to wear more often=outfit time.

I was trying to emote my joy in my shorts and "CRACK!". That was my hip telling me to stop being such a goof. Well hip, that's never going to happen! Muahahaha, ouch. 

Side note: No bloggers have been hurt in the making of this blog.

I needed a necklace to wear as one of my vintage shells necklaces broke right in my hand, so I grabbed Derek's Tiki bolo tie and it sat perfectly posed all day. I hope I can repair that necklace, wahhh!!!!

Wearing; sleeveless collared shirt (thrift), barkcloth Hawaiian shorts (vintage), hair flower (made by me), earrings (80s vintage), Tiki bolo tie (vintage), black flats I always wear (Aerosoles).

I have off today, so I'm going out to hunt for treasures with my friend Jodee. I hope you all have a great Saturday!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I need to invest in some cute aerosole flats. For those rare occasions when I have to do a lot of walking around.

  2. Such great outfits! That's a really cute way to style a halter. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps, if one was certain they'd always want to wear it that way. The bow could be stitched in place and the excess "tail" bit then trimmed off.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Ahhhh yes! That is an excellent idea! I was also thinking of a snap or some sort of button too!

  3. The shorts are so cute!!! I just listed a pair of vintage barkcloth shorts that I've have forever because they're a bit longer length and I just don't wear them. Love how you tied the halter neck off to side.

    1. I saw them and favorited them!!! I would snap them up, but I've been a little bit of budget buster the last few weeks. OOPS!

  4. I love the idea of tying the halter straps in a bow to the side, it looks very cute! Those shorts are super cute as well!

    1. Thank you! I realized that I need more shorts like them in my life!

  5. Love both these outfits! I've never seen halters tied that way. It is really cute and I love the side bow. Hope you will be able to fix your necklace!


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