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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This Old Goth Haus: Flooring and Other Bits and Bobs

Our floor in the living room, bar area and dining room is almost complete! Last week was a mentally and physically exhausting with doing this project and I have to say that I hope to never have to put flooring down again. Though I love to tackle DIY projects in general, I have even more respect for people who work physically demanding jobs that involve flooring, tiling, etc. 

The house is still a bit of a mess as we took a break this week, yet on Sunday we'll start putting in the quarter round moulding and put everything back. Another positive thing about throwing the house into chaos is rearranging furniture and getting a fresh perspective.

Derek came home last Tuesday to a defeated wife and a mess everywhere. I'm very grateful that he didn't let my frustration get the best of him and he was able to finish up the bar area. 

If you're wondering what product we are using, it's the TrafficMaster Allure vinyl plank flooring in the color Teak. I would not recommend this product if you have radiators unless your radiators are enclosed. Pain in the ass. Haha!

I was also inspired to look for some new end tables. I wanted something that would compliment the flooring and would look nice with our Mid Century Macabre decor. I was drawn to the LOVEBACKEN design and thought the price was right. So, we took a trip up to the IKEA in Burlington, ON in Canada. The exchange rate is fantastic right now and traveling to Canada from Buffalo is as easy as crossing a bridge that is ten minutes from our house. Much love to Canada!!!

We also came home with one of the derpest bats I've ever seen, look at those upside down wings! That's ok, derpy bats need love too. Hehe!

Oh yeah, Game of Thrones is back on and we're pretty darn excited! 

Have you been working on any house projects?

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Great minds. I got the same bats two weekends ago! Yaay for the love of Canada! I love hardwood flooring. While it is a pain in the ass to put down, cleaning is so much easier!

  2. House projects make me feel like throwing myself out a window. I am just not good at that sort of thing and I find any house project very frustrating and stressful! The only thing I like doing would be gardening and yardwork-related things. I also bought that bat from Ikea; my cats play with it!

  3. Ooo so happy game od thrones is airing again looking forward to whats happening.

  4. Flooring and tiling can sometimes be a cruel mistress.

  5. The flooring looks great! I detest projects that require any kind of measuring, math not being my strong suit. Hooray for Derek!

    It's nice you get that extra incentive to come shop in Canada. I wish I could afford to order from the US, as everything I seem to want/need lately is in USD, making it completely unaffordable! :)

  6. The flooring looks great but I don't think I would want to do it myself either!

    Everyone is getting those bats! I have a mum and baby! Yay!

  7. Fantastic work on the flooring and I love the new accent tables to match! I saw those on a recent trip to Ikea. So cute!

  8. Way to go, guys! It's awesome that you've been finding silver linings, such as the fun of rearranging furniture and such, in the midst of all of this heavy duty work.

    Your bat is so darling! Aww, what a cutie! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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