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Friday, July 31, 2015

Inspiration : Front 242

I love Front 242. They are the band that got me into industrial/ebm, they were the glorious gateway drug. In fact, I was into industrial music before I even dove into the goth side of the musical spectrum. I used to stay up on Sunday nights tuning into a Canadian radio station, 102.1 CFNY listening to whatever Martian Streek (R.I.P) would broadcast. I was already into electronic music (techno/house/breaks) and knew bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and INXS, but hearing Front 242 was like a religious experience!



Unfortunately I missed Front 242 when they came to Buffalo in the early 00's and it was terribly upsetting! I hope someday to hear them live, so I can have a moment and cry all my makeup off. Hahahaa!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Keep That Vile Sun Off Your Lily White Skin! "

The blog title is quoting the Sourpuss description of the Bats Parasol by Sourpuss Clothing. I certainly have had enough sun this summer and using a parasol to keep my skin from burning is a 'must have'. I bought the parasol with the 20% discount code, XMASINJULY, which is now bumped up to 25%!* It wasn't a necessary purchase as I have a pink flamingo parasol I purchased for a few dollars, but I just couldn't help myself.....bats!

While the oiled-paper parasol's are often used by pin up gals in photoshoots, they really do keep you shaded and are a useful tool for any person who wishes to enjoy the sun without losing their graveyard tan. Then again a parasol is not replacement for sunscreen and lots of it!

 This heat and humidity is driving me a little batty, so this parasol is fits my current mood perfectly. Hehehe! 

+lace dress: thrifted
+necklace: a gift
+sandals: thrifted
+bat parasol : purchase here

*this is not a sponsored post by Sourpuss Clothing

Do you have and/or use parasol's?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pirates Weekend : Sterling Renaissance Festival

I looked at Derek (on Wednesday) and said, "Do you want to go to the Renaissance Festival this weekend?". I think his eye balls almost popped out of the sockets out of shock. Yes, I was asking to go to the Sterling, NY Renaissance Festival, because it was pirate weekend. I didn't have anything to wear, which I have been scolded by friends about, as a lot of goths my age have a poet shirt or two in their closets....I do not. Haha! So, my dress and hat was ordered from www.dresslikeapirate.com and the rest were items we had or borrowed from a friend. Derek on the other hand, was prepared and looked wonderful!

Admittedly, I usually don't care too much for Renn Fair's. but seeing as it's been 13 years since I've been to one and Derek loving them so much, it was time to treat him to a day of fun......

And it was a lot of fun! We brought along these two misfits, Bryan (left) and Kyla (right). It was Kyle's first Renn Fair, so he was visiting all the vendors and made a lot of awesome purchases. We all were very merry, because the Mead was plentiful, the entertainment was great and the weather was beautiful.

Did I mention the Mead? Yeah, the Mead was really good. 

Other highlights of the day:

Bryan met someone taller than him and I think he wanted to steal this guys sword.

Derek did axe throwing. (We also did archery and forgot to give the guys the camera)

Watched the Queen's procession

"God save the Queen!"

More Mead.....

Taking a break and watched people getting rides on the "War Horse".

Listened to some very raunchy and hilarious poetry.

Got to hang out with Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I (She was okay with us, even though we were pirates)

Many laughs and fun were had. Hahaha!

Glad that we went this year and glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Hurrah! Hurrah!

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Out in the Wild

Sebastian's 64' Cadillac Seville

These photos were from a few weeks ago at my friend Danielle's housewarming party. Melanie was snapping some photos of the party and I jumped into front of the camera to pose by Sebastian's car. 

I haven't had much time to take any outfit photos or really think about what outfits I have or haven't shared. Life just gets busy and clothing isn't always in the forefront of my mind, (shocking I know) but I do always think of the blog and what my friend's in the blogsphere are up to. 

I have to admit I like sharing more candid photos, yet I seem to forget to take photos now that I don't carry a point-n-shoot camera any more. My camera on my phone is not the best and often it's more of a pain rather than a convenience to use. I am hoping that with what is left of the summer I can grab my little purple camera and capture more moments....like I have in the past.

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Going On....

How I've been keeping cool....LOL!

My parents have been in town since last Sunday, staying with us at our humble abode. This have been a little hectic with two extra people using one bathroom, getting breakfast in the morning and coordinating dinners, etc., but it's nice to have people using the guest room that we have been working on for these past few months. 

I threw my Mom a 65th birthday party on Saturday and it was hot, but the weather was fitting as the party was luau themed. I'm not a girl who loves the heat and humidity, but I'm happy we're having some Summer weather before it turns cold and then snows. After this past Winter we've had, I don't want to complain....too much. 

And I have to mention I got a sunburn on my face. Ouch, sigh and it made me sick......
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kitsch Picks : Everyday is Halloween with Sourpuss Clothing

Even though 'Everyday is Halloween' for some of us, I still get excited when clothing brands like Sourpuss Clothing release their Halloweenie type designs. I think the Spooksville Bats Swing Skirt may make its way into my wardrobe. *Wink*

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Agnes Doll Dress

I help with purchasing at work, so we sometimes get in beauties like the Agnes Doll dress by Hell Bunny that makes my little goth heart sing! It's so lightweight and airy, perfect for the summer. Unfortunately, it's a little too short for my comfort, especially when I'm working, so wearing leggings was a necessity. 

The doll-like Peter Pan style collar gets me every time along with darling little flutter sleeves. 

I also re-discovered some old jewelry inside my jewelry box. The necklace I'm wearing is over ten years old and has seen many goth events. I paired the necklace with the Sourpuss Clothing dangle coffin earrings which have become a staple in my wardrobe. I do love coffins!

Jen, myself, Jenny, Erin (photo by Jen Clark)

After work I joined in the fun of celebrating Erin's (far right) un-bachelorette party. No penis straws or sashes or veils, just a nice evening celebrating Erin's upcoming nuptials. In fact our friend Jenny (purple hair beauty) is getting married the same month! August is chalking up to be an exciting month for our gang. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! 
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Friday, July 10, 2015

I've Got a Brand New Bag

No catchy title here, but I really did get a brand new bag. I bought this black canvas purse from eBay and added the Killstar Bast Patch.

The patch was hand sewn on with white upholstery thread which I find works the best for its strength and durability. I was going to use black, but the husband borrowed it and it has not been returned to the sewing room. Hehe! 

Other than the new bag, I've just been busy with work and prepping the house for my parents two week visit. I'm very house proud and want their style to be as comfortable as possible! 

Happy Friday everyone!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Monday, July 6, 2015

Blonde Ambition

Derek and I were goofing around on the Fourth of July before our guests arrived and this impromptu posed photo happened. As you can see not only is Ice Bat wearing a Tiki necklace, but I am also blonde again.

Prior to our Ohana trip, I had re-purpled my hair and it just looked terrible. I got fed up with the upkeep of fantasy colors and now I'm getting used to being blonde after six years of other various hair colors. My hair is far from perfect (there is still a greenish-tone near my roots), but I'm not going to turn my hair to straw with bleaching. Besides, I can live with a little mint green for now, hehe!

It was one of my best friend's 40th birthday on the fourth, so I wore my Sourpuss Clothing Halloween cat leggings (since she loves both Halloween and cats), thrifted sandals and an asymmetrical tunic from H&M layered with a tank top underneath. You can see them really well, but the earrings I'm wearing are by Opulent Oddities.

These Stake Black Spike Earrings are my few favorite! Jordan from Opulent Oddities generously sent these to me as a little treat, as I featured her jewelry pieces in the next issue of Auxiliary Magazine. I styled a shoot a few weeks ago, so once it's published I'll share the finished images! 

Having Saturday off really messed up my schedule, but here's to an extra day off!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Sunday, July 5, 2015


I'm finally able to sit down and share some photos of the fun we had at Ohana: Luau at the Lake at The Tiki Resort in Lake George, NY.

I'll put this warning right here....lots of photos!

We arrived Friday, checked in, got settled into our hotel rooms and changed into our Tiki attire. We did the traditional 'take photos of everything around the grounds', before the first room crawl of the evening.

Julie Ann and myself

Andrew, Julie Ann, (moai)myself and Derek. We're all holding a mai tai...naturally.


Derek found a his twin! Hehehe!

We retired back to our room for more cocktails. Julie Ann snapped this photo and you can 
see the pattern of my barkcloth wrap dress.

And then we went poolside to listen to some bands and hang out. Julie Ann's dress is awesome!

And the room crawls happened *cough...drunk..cough*

(view from our room)
Saturday morning I woke up slightly hungover, but refreshed and ready for a giant breakfast.

Saturday's outfit. 

Derek's directional senses are correct, breakfast was that way. Hahaha!

I never quite realized how awesome the glass windows on the side of the hotel  were until this trip!

Derek gifted me with some items from Fancy Fruits, like this hair clip. 

The vendor tent was the next on the agenda. We had been saving our loose change (literally), so we could blow it all on Tiki art, mugs, etc. Like purchasing a ceramic piece from Greg Rebis!

Gus from Zombie Oasis. We didn't get any of his amazing carvings, but a custom piece was discussed.
*Wink wink*

Gus and the oh-so-lovely Steph

Seeing friends at the auction, Jessica and Steve

Gen and Jim from Montreal


Then we grilled lunch. Andrew was the SPAM grill master.

Made another drink. 

And watched Jim's band, The Men is Grey Suits....which they were in shorts for the luau. Hehe!

Necklace: gift from Derek by Fancy Fruits.
Then is it was luau dinner time! The rest of the night was a blur with drinks, friends and fun.

Sunday was a recovery day, then we packed up shop (we still had booze left over!?) and made the six hour trip home. 

Our plunderings!
Deadhead Rum cocktail set, Tiki Tony mug, (skull) 'Pour Your Ick' by Squid Art, Ohana 2015 mug, 
Ceramic Tiki bat decanter by Greg Rebis.

Mahalo for sticking with me through this post!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla