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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weirdy Tiki

trailer trash leggings featured here

I was in quite the weird-y (word Derek often uses) mood on Sunday morning! After a full and exciting Small Business Saturday at work, I was trying to hype myself up for the first Sunday shift of the holiday season.....since we're normally closed. 

I was having a really incredibly tough time trying to figure out what to wear and then I remembered my goal: mix it up, wear what you haven't worn in a while. I wanted to be warm and wear something comfortable since we were running errands and visiting a friend after work, so Voila!. The colors in the Too Fast cardigan went great with the Trailer Trash leggings by Sourpuss! 

I also wear this (slightly too big) lace dress with EVERYTHING. Talk about a thrift find-wardrobe staple- holy grail! *Cues angels singing* Hey, a little black lace dress does pretty much go with everything....

It even goes with you when you grab a wooden Tiki and act like a fool! Side note: I think my face is matching the Tiki's face on my cardigan. Hahahaha!!!

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. These leggings are cool! And nice outfit BTW

  2. I love this cardi and the leggings too - the perfect little black dress is really the holy grail of clothing!

    1. Thank you! That poor little dress is going to fall apart some day and I will be a sad bat. Hehehe!

  3. Everything looks so good together! That's great to hear that small business Saturday went well to!! :D

    1. Thank you!
      The Cats Like Us crew is very happy indeed :)

  4. That cardigan is soooo cool! I especially love the green zombie-esque gal. I totally want to rock her look for Halloween now. :)

    Have a terrific weekend,
    ♥ Jessica


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