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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Matching the Duvet

I'm not trapped in a 80s music video, I'm goofing around on the new duvet we bought for the guest room. I had been searching for a black and white striped duvet that wasn't going to break the bank and we scored one on our Sunday trip to Ikea. *Mental note: never go to Ikea on a Sunday. Never*

Not exactly the type of stripes I wanted, but 'eh' it looks good. PS-Starburst mirror is being replaced when proper artwork is procured and scouting for a head board. 

Hey look, it's Popeye on the wall!

Another reason why we went to Ikea was to finally get some furniture parts to use for storage in both mine and Derek's studio spaces. He needs a lot of flat storage for large pieces of artwork and I need a cutting table for my sewing room and shelves for my supplies. We turned to Ikea Hackers for help, as I love thinking outside the box and making things work for us and we got a lot of great ideas that are within our budget! Yeah, we still need to drive to another country to shop at the closest Ikea and it's good thing we love Canada *Wink*.

So. my sewing room is currently a mess, but painting and organizing are in the very near future. I am very excited, as organization helps me to be more creative and focused!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Niiiiiiice duvet.... If I were replacing ours I think I'd go for something similar, although I might have to take a trip to Canada to get one as well! (no Ikea in Hawaii... but my parents live in Canada!)

  2. But imagine how awesome it WOULD be to be stuck in an 80s music video!

    The room is looking great! Love the sunray clock with the pearls!

  3. That is a nice duvet but going to Ikea on a weekend is hell, never again! I love going to Ikea too despite getting lost! I love their cinnamon buns. Now I want a shopping trip at Ikea again!

  4. Wow That kinda blows my mind that you are so close to Canada! :D

    1. I can drive to the end of the street that I live off of and look across the river and see Canada ;) A ten minute drive from my house=bridge to Canada. I'm a 40 minute drive to Niagara Falls. Buffalo is pretty cool ;)

  5. It's awesome that you're so close to the 49th. *Waves hello from the Canuck side* If you're ever up in the Okanagan, please feel free to give me a shout. It would be a blast to meet you in person!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. ARGHHHH!!! Ikea on a Sunday!! NOOOOO!!! Yeah Ikea is great for finding random pieces and putting them together in a way that works for you!


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