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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cute and Creepy Cupcakes

see this dress styled: here and here

It never hurts to dress in theme and seeing as we had our artisan baker friend Jenn of LoveDarla in store, wearing my cupcake dress was a no-brainer. I love these jumper style dresses as they are so easy to layer and style so many different ways!

I got my wish for cooler weather, so much so that we turned the heat on. Since I live in a 1887 year old house (I affectionately call, "This Old Goth Haus"), I was a little more than hesitant to touch the thermostat, but with a loud "clank" and a "thud", the boiler kicked on! We've been saving for a new boiler since we first moved in and let's just say I was elated that all the radiators are heating up and the boiler is responding wonderfully. Our little home is nice and warm and it truly feels like Autumn.....especially since Derek is currently frying up some apples.

Sunday is Funday for Derek and I, so who knows what this afternoon will bring. Halloween decorations are mostly hung and we've accomplished little household tasks, so today is wide open! Hrmmmm....I'm sure we can come up with some trouble to get into. *Wink*

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. OH. MY. GAWDS! You look so adorable! LOVE IT!

  2. What an amazing print! The colours are amazing and I adore how you've styled it!

  3. I love how you combined the dress with the blazer, very cute

    1. Thank you! I love ponte knit blazer's!

  4. That dress is soo cute!

  5. You look super fabulously cute as always!

  6. Such a lovely picture you paint about your house through your anecdotes! Autumn is such a lovely time of year too! Love your layering and I love that this was a themed dress to go with a in store baker visitor! :D


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