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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pumpkin Scones and Windy Days

I made pumpkin spice scones on Tuesday morning, from a box mix, but they were still delicious! Derek and I were wandering about Home Goods and I spotted the mix while I was shopping the fancy food sections. I have to admit I'm yearning for Halloween items and the Autumn, but I know that Old Man Winter will soon follow.....so I need to be patient.

Tuesday's weather was quite odd. I love a nice cloudy day, but the wind and threat of rain lingered around all day long. I had a lot of tasks to complete around the house, which included painting screened frames that Derek made for 'The Hut'. It will be nice to have them up when we open up the garage door to help keep the bugs out. 

I spent some time in my sewing room (where I also take indoor photos), contemplating which color I was going to paint the walls. I want to get the sewing area organized, but first I need to paint as there is no point of putting anything on the walls just to take them down to paint. Decisions....decisions....

This outfit was nice and flowy for a cooler, yet humid day.

What I'm wearing:

+black lace skull top: hottopic.com
+cotton ruffle skirt: thrift
+hat: Forever 21 (old)
+beads: thrift
+dangle cross earrings: Hot Topic (old)

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Pumpkin Spice... Yum! I'm right there with you... hunting Halloween while trying to embrace the present summer that I love yet anxiously anticipating Autumn.

  2. Pumpkin scones <3 That sounds LOVELY! Also, you look really great!
    x Dawn // wickedly-pleasant.blogspot.com

  3. I love pumpkin scones! One of my favorite things to do for Halloween is bake pumpkin scones and pumpkin bread! You make me want fall to get here! <3 Love your outfit! And while I love the blue walls, I'm looking forward to seeing what color you decide to go with!

    1. Mmmm pumpkin bread *drools*. I am so conflicted with colors, but I know it will not be anything super dark ;)

  4. Love your outfit, very summery and comfy looking

  5. Well now, I know probably nobody else who reads your blog would be interested, but personally I'd like to see the screened frames Derek made! The spouse is trying to figure out something similar for his Man Cave in the attached garage to keep the hornets from coming into the house, which drives me crazy. Because I just know one night I'm going to wake up with one or more in bed with us - inevitably, it will be on my side of the bed. :)

    1. GAH!!!!!!!! No hornets, nonononono!!!!! I can say that we used 2x2's and made multiple panels with crossbars and added brackets at the outer corners to square them up. Fiberglass screening stretched on the back and he used bamboo strips (since that's what we had) as the "screen molding". Similar look to this image: http://pgtezebreeze.com/sites/default/files/styles/glamour-image-gallerific/public/product-images/ss30_beauty_shot.jpg?itok=OpMz0YMI ;)

  6. yeah, after last winter, I'm dreading the end of summer

  7. Love the outfit. You got a goth hippie vibe going on.

  8. Love the blouse! I have three necklaces like that and I love to layer them for a bit of a 20s look!


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