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Monday, July 6, 2015

Blonde Ambition

Derek and I were goofing around on the Fourth of July before our guests arrived and this impromptu posed photo happened. As you can see not only is Ice Bat wearing a Tiki necklace, but I am also blonde again.

Prior to our Ohana trip, I had re-purpled my hair and it just looked terrible. I got fed up with the upkeep of fantasy colors and now I'm getting used to being blonde after six years of other various hair colors. My hair is far from perfect (there is still a greenish-tone near my roots), but I'm not going to turn my hair to straw with bleaching. Besides, I can live with a little mint green for now, hehe!

It was one of my best friend's 40th birthday on the fourth, so I wore my Sourpuss Clothing Halloween cat leggings (since she loves both Halloween and cats), thrifted sandals and an asymmetrical tunic from H&M layered with a tank top underneath. You can see them really well, but the earrings I'm wearing are by Opulent Oddities.

These Stake Black Spike Earrings are my few favorite! Jordan from Opulent Oddities generously sent these to me as a little treat, as I featured her jewelry pieces in the next issue of Auxiliary Magazine. I styled a shoot a few weeks ago, so once it's published I'll share the finished images! 

Having Saturday off really messed up my schedule, but here's to an extra day off!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. love the hair! I am half tempted to chop mine off and let my natural color kick in. My hair grows so fast I am constantly hiding roots.

  2. From one natural blonde to another, you look stupendous. Now stop being cute, for cripes sake.

  3. Killer earrings!! And adorable 'pet'! ^_^


  4. Total babe! I love that shade of blonde, but it is painful for me to achieve, literally. All that bleach!

  5. I really love you with the blonde! So pretty!


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