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Monday, June 8, 2015

Wearing Whatever the 'F' You Want

Lists. Advice. What to do. What not to do. It's enough to make someone's head spin. A lot of these lists that I have read focus on women and age and I've basically come to one conclusion: You're not allowed to have any fun after thirty. My reaction: Giant. Middle. Finger.

How about making a list encouraging women (and all people) to wear what makes you feel good. Why is age always the focus? Why do we need to stop wearing things that bring us joy? Just to blend into the background? Why are certain things considered juvenile, rather than celebrated as self expression? Sigh.

I am met with these questions almost on a daily basis as someone who works in a retail environment. There are women who come in and are so self judgmental and self depreciating that it makes me so incredibly sad for them. I've met women who tell me that they can't wear a fun printed dress, because their friends are going to make fun of them! WHAT?! My brain nearly exploded. I secretly want to tell them that they can come hang out with me in their fun dresses and we can have a party. Hehehe!

Now, I'm not opposed to advice and those who seek it out. I have read many helpful articles on the art of dress and use those elements for myself as well as when others ask for my help. It's help, not set-in-stone rules. These 'DON'T WEAR THIS OR YOU WILL BE OSTRACIZED FROM THE WORLD' type advice=nope, not listening.

I guess this is all coming from a gal who has always been rebellious, like keeping my hair blonde for years when I was told I could never truly be goth without black hair. Pffffffft.

Life is too short to wear things you hate and in turn hating yourself in them. Embracing age is not a bad thing, in fact I think it is liberating and a part of the journey of life. The voices that emphasize age need to shut the hell up and mind their own business.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! Only things that matters is your own thoughts. :)

  2. Hear, hear!

    I wore a short skirt this weekend and a few ladies mentioned how "brave" I was because suppose the wind blows etc. I mentioned that I wear shorts under most skirts because I'm not always the most ladylike. They acted like that was a revelation. But haven't tennis players been doing this forever?!?

  3. SCREW THE RULES!!! *burns something*

  4. ive always wondered why people would limit their choices in whatever-thing... :-D

  5. Timely post, my friend. Very timely. PS: you look adorable!

  6. Well said! I think those lists are written under the assumption that all women dress to please other people. Well, some of us dress to please ourselves, thankyouverymuch. :P

    You wrote, "I've met women who tell me that they can't wear a fun printed dress, because their friends are going to make fun of them!" My thought is, "What kind of narrow-minded pathetic excuses for friends are these poor women hanging out with?" Women get enough grief from society; we certainly don't need more from our so-called friends!

  7. Love it! You said the same things I've been saying, but in a wonderfully different way. I especially like your "Giant. Middle. Finger." reaction!!! ;-)

    And have you ever noticed that those stupid "rules" are directed ONLY at women??? I have! Grrrrrr...

  8. I love that list! Very helpful! I love your outfits and am often jealous of all the lovely things you own! I find myself unable to ever follow rules!

  9. Preach! Wear what you like. Or whatever other people say that you shouldn't.

  10. So true! I'm 40, and couldn't care less if I wear what is not considered 'appropriate' ... I *do* however believe in wearing what suits your body shape ;)


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