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Monday, June 1, 2015

Staying Up Late and Nachos

I was smiling, I swear!

Saturday night we went out to a random alternative dance night that was at Ohm Ultra Lounge, which is the bar/club which we used to have On the Wire. (On the Wire was the post punk/goth event I threw with my friend Danielle).

I figured it was a great excuse to tease out the hair, put some black brows and go out dancing!

I didn't cut my hair (and the lighting is making it look pink), I just styled it in a different way. I used A LOT of hair spray, since I was fighting with the rain and humidity. 

The night was better attended than I had anticipated. We hung out, chatted with owner and the security guard, and then went out for NACHOS!!! I've been really eating well, (also cutting down on my alcohol in-take) so eating junk food like nachos was a real treat. Mmmmm, especially from ETS which was "our place" we would go to after going clubbing every weekend.

Now I'm thinking about those nachos all over again. So good!

How was your weekend?
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You make me want to cut my hair short again! I love it!

  2. You look awesome, that is all! x

  3. Oh you do look so lovely! Your hair looks smashing like this!

  4. MMmmmmmmm nachos!! Love the outfit!

  5. This is awesome. And your makeup looks fantastic!! and your hair!

  6. You look so fabulous! Now pardon me while I struggle to control my envy over those boots. ;)

  7. Your makeup is stunning! I have a similar dress, I love it!

  8. totally love your hair in this outfit! hope you had a gread weekend!

  9. I love the dress. The belt is also amazing :).


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