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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

R.I.P Don Featherstone

Well, I'm pretty sure you may have not heard of Don Featherstone, but I'm pretty sure you've seen pink plastic lawn flamingos. Those kitsch-tastic birds who have become the ultimate token of tackiness. Heck, John Waters even named a movie after them, Pink FlamingosDon Featherstone was the creator of the pink plastic flamingo shaped lawn ornaments and he recently passed away at age 79 after battling a lengthy disease.

Our front garden. Pardon the weeds.

I don't remember how my pink flamingo fascination started, perhaps it's due my love of airstream trailors and everything that involves tackiness and kitsch. Like anything that starts off as a joke amongst friends, it has turned into full blown pink flamingo mania! 

Make up case: gift from Judy and Mike
DeTiki carved purse: Derek drunkenly bought (from a past Ohana)
Flamingo blanket: gift from Terri
Charcoal Designs brooch: gift to myself
Hair clips: gift from Miss Natalie from Goody Two Shoes 

So, thank you Don for making this world that much more delightful with your pink plastic creations. I hope you rest in peace.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. That's a shame, I also have a strange fascination with them, I was once in a band called Pink Flamingo Band

  2. I saw an article about his passing on my FB newsfeed and I thought of you! I am not surprised to see this post about it.

  3. Aw. I hope they put a flamingo on his final resting place. Maybe two. Rest in peace.

  4. Wow, I never knew there was a known creatoron one of our Aussie renovation shows some people went wild with a flamingo splashback, lawn flamingos, a giant flamingo painting and a flamingo pink front door!

  5. One summer my father and I bought a pair of pink flamingos and would go to our friends' and family's houses when they weren't home and put the flamingos on their lawn. Maybe we should start again as a memorial!

  6. Back in the late 70s my cousin gained a bit of newspaper exposure as the Sydney Gnome Napper. I remember apart from gnomes he also had concrete flamingos.
    I wont go into what he did with all of them but when he stopped he had over 400 Gnomes etc. He was still at high school. He was never caught. A criminal genius.

  7. We always had flamingos in our yard back in Florida :)

  8. Love flamingos! Sorry to hear that he's gone.


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