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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hieroglyphics and Bats : Jawbreaker Clothing

I'm always happy to team up with some of my favorite brands that already live in my closet, like Jawbreaker Clothing. I picked out the Bella Cropped Sweatshirt (it feels like a knit), as I wanted to challenge myself on how I would style a cropped top and well, there are bats all over the top! 

I am wearing the cropped sweater over a black tank top tucked into a vintage pleated skirt, worn with a studded belt and leather bat belt (more bats!), spider web stockings and my vintage winklepicker boots. 

The sweater is super cozy and I plan to wear it over some dresses for added warmth during this weird Spring we've been having. Can it please stop randomly snowing?!

I really, really, REALLY like the hieroglyphic-inspired graphics on the Hieroglyph Dress and swooned when I took the dress out of the package. Then, I got a sense of panic when I realized how form-fitting the dress is (which I knew that when I was looking at the website) and got nervous! 

But, when I put the dress on I instantly felt sassy. The cotton dress is very comfortable and it hugs my body perfectly! I've paired the dress with tattered stockings, added a few leather belts, winklepicker booties and threw on a cropped cardigan and black denim vest.

The Egyptian Bast patch on the back of vest is perfect for this outfit.

I really dig Jawbreaker Clothing, we carry the brand at work, so that's how I discovered their awesome styles along with their sister company Voodoo Vixen! They both get the Coffin Kitsch seal of approval, hehe!

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

P.S-Of course I have to have one outtake!

Wooooo! XOXO


  1. LOL I love how you pose and do out takes! Really great outfits. I love how you put outfits together

  2. That crop top is amazing! You combined it so well, I especially love the bat belt.

  3. the heiroglyph dress is awesome!

  4. Love the green bats! Perfect outfit. :)

  5. awesome, love this brand! and both outfits look really great on you, those green bats *_*

  6. Oh I love both of those outfits! :) Your posts are always so inspiring!

  7. You look great! Congrats on teaming up with a brand that fits you so well. :)

  8. I am in love with that bat top! <3 It's amazing!
    x Dawn // wickedlypleasant.blogspot.com

  9. OMG I am in love ith that bat belt! Where is it from?

    1. My husband got it for me from eBay years ago :)

  10. That cropped is just cute! I'm gonna get one of those surely. I also loved your outfit ideas, they led me very inspired :)
    xoxo from Brazil!



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