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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Black Velvet and Leopard

Welcome to our wall of velvet paintings! Since I was feeling sassy after getting a hair trim, so I decided to slip on this vintage 60s leopard lounge dress over a pair of cheetah print leggings and gold sandals. The gold sandals were picked up at an estate sale for $3, as I have a 'thing' for gold shoes and was excited to find ones that I really like.

I bought this dress at a local antique mall for $15 and it looks like someone hand sewed large black sequins all over, so it made me love it even more! The asymmetrical hem and flowy nylon fabric makes this lounge dress wonderful for.....well, lounging! Vintage leopard print lounge wear/lingerie by Vanity Fair is very desirable and collectible, yet I love it because it's sexy and leopard!!!

So, what better place to show off this leopard lounger than to pose against our wall-o-velvet?
(PS-The Tiki painting was painted by Derek)

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Well here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...such a sixties throw back!

  2. Literally everything about this is perfect.

  3. I love your wall and paintings... Your place just gets more you and awesome each day! And your cut is awesome and as is your dress.

  4. That wall is fabulous but you out sass it! What an incredible dress. xxx

  5. Love the decor!! I have to say, whoever sewed on those huge sequins was rather brilliant!


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