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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Once upon a time I was searching for a gold turban to wear to a Tiki event and when I mentioned my mission to my friend James (who also owns Miss Josie's vintage clothing), he gifted me with this black turban. Though it wasn't gold, it was perfect and seeing how it came from a drag performer, it made it even that much more awesome! 

So, I remembered I had the turban and it was my easy solution to the, 'I don't feel like doing my hair' mood I was in on Friday. I'm also wearing many, many layers, including my faux leather vest that looks nice paired with my knit fly-way cardigan.

Whom ever says dressing in all black can be boring didn't realize black comes in a lot of textures, and it's great to mash them all together. Crushed velvet, lace, faux leather, knits, sheer, etc. etc.

What are you favorite textures and how do you like to pair them together?

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I feel like the key to wearing all black is mixing textures--otherwise it's sort of flat. Love the turban on you!

  2. haha i'm all about the black+shiny=leather, pvc, lame. I also like hard textures like matte sequins and metal. and I so want a turban now. my hair is out of control and there's no point in styling it if I'm just going to slam a hat over it.

    1. You need a turban, I think it would look great on you!

  3. That turban really suits you!
    I have a green one, but I look really
    silly in it, think it might look better
    when my hair is a bit longer though.
    I found a nice turban on eBay
    in black & white, so I might buy one +
    one in black too..! : )

  4. Yes, that does make it pretty fabulous!

    Oh I love your vest, I am dying for a well fitting pleather jacket at the moment, but I don't have the budget for a stylish one, so I will probably wait.

    1. Thank you :) This one was pretty inexpensive, could always check eBay!

  5. I love velvet and lace :D. Leather is also one of my favourites, but I prefer to focus on it.

    Your look is really nice (and the pendant ;) ). Are you wearing trousers or leggings?


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