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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So. Much. Snow

Yesterday was Derek's birthday and once again we woke up to more snow.

Derek is sad, because there is more shoveling to be done. (Hehe)

This the pile in our backyard, it's to the point that we're running out of room to put the snow. 
I'm officially OVER IT! I'm not over my cute hat I thrifted for 99 cents, so warm!

We didn't let the roads and the excess snow stop us from having a good time for Derek's bithday. We walked down our street and hopped on the bus taking us down to Hertel Ave., where we went to a cocktail class and had a lovely dinner and drinks. I suggested to Derek and we do this more often and use the bus system when the weather is crappy. It also means I don't have to worry about driving and getting in an accident or getting stuck just going down our street! 

Time to go shovel, blah.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. My area has lots of snow too but we have access to buses and there is a subway station down the street. It is so convenient!

  2. I really hate snow, but so far we have not had much...
    I have the same bag as you do : )

  3. AH that's a lot of snow! You probably laugh at us in NYC with all our snow panic. Work was cancelled when we had about 6 inches

    1. Yes, yes we did. ;) To be fair, it's not typical for NYC and this isn't typical for Buffalo either. We've broken some records this year....unfortunately.

  4. I love your little skull bag! I have only ever seen snow ONCE so it would still be pretty exciting to me! And not going to work would be a plus ha ha!

  5. That is so much snow!!!! Glad to hear you guys were still able to get out and have a great time for your guy's birthday! And that's a great idea about public transportation during the bad weather! It also stopped you from having to shovel that car out of it's snow mountain! :D


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