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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Skulls and Polka Dots

My uneven sleeves aren't a fashion statement, I am healing a fresh Calla Lily flower tattoo on my right arm (with After Inked!) It's an odd feeling seeing as I haven't had my arms tattooed in a very long time, but it's neat to see my arm art evolve throughout the years. 

Calla Lilies are my favorite flower and it fits nicely into my Memento Mori imagery, like the shrouded urn on my wrist. Derek does such an amazing job and I am always grateful to him, yet he's the one who is always flattered that I want him to tattoo me! Of course, his artwork is beautiful, he's so talented and he always knows what I like!

+polka dot top: thrift +cardigan: from friend +creepers: eBay
+skull earrings, skull necklace & skull rose brooch: Kreepsville 666

So, I had to dress for work around a healing tattoo and decided on polka dots and a whole lot of skulls! I feel like the skull earrings and necklace are the equivalent to a creepy version of a classic pearl set. Hehe!

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I love the outfit and the dark lipstick! The tatt looks awesome, I am already itching for more tatts!

    1. Thank you, Derek commented on the dark lipstick too. ;)

  2. The Calla Lily tat is gorgeous. They are my favorite flowers too and even had them on my bouquet when I got married.

    1. Wonderful! I had calla lilies at my wedding as well :)

  3. Beautiful new ink!!!
    I really love your hair, might just let my own grow out to something similar..! : )


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