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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Vintage Halloween Kitsch-en

This Madame Talbot print was the inspiration for my idea to have a vintage Halloween inspired kitchen, or kitsch-en as I would like to dub it.

We painted the upper walls gold and painted the bottom paneling dark brown as well painting the trim a high gloss black.

I remembered these orange and black striped valances that I made and voila!, they were perfect. The bottom pieces of material were just hung for privacy, but they have been replaced with plain black cafe curtains which I am may sew on some orange felt bats or something else that tickles our fancy. 

I love the green linoleum floors, very 60s and one of the many things that made me fall in love with our 1887 home. We took off the cabinet fronts and painted them a dark brown and updated the cabinet hands with metal chrome and re-purposed the cabinet hinges by spray painting them silver. I hung up my Halloween cut-outs and even found Halloween Con-Tact paper for the inside cabinet doors and decided to use some on the light switch!

We still have some finishing touches and some other decor ideas (like painting the tiled back splash), but it's coming along nicely! Hard to believe we've only been in the house a little over a month and have been so productive!!! 

A little imagination, elbow grease and using what you have can really make a huge difference! This is what it looked like before:

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Wow, it was built in 1887? That's awesome!

  2. Omg that wood paneling... You did good covering that up. Seems like your house is coming together nicely

  3. The print is great! And the house is already getting its own personality!

  4. Great!!! I love your ideas and crafts so much! <3


  5. Fantastic remodelling!!! Love how you're incorporating the older stuff with your newer touches.

  6. Looks great!

    I have a very colorful home,
    but I have started to make
    a tiny corner more Halloween & Gothic looking : )

  7. "Kitsch-en," I love it! The little vintage Halloween decorations are adorable. I always covet them on eBay but given that they don't fit my decor, I never got any. Now I'm rethinking it...



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