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Monday, December 8, 2014

We Didn't Buy Anything...

...on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. As I have mentioned previously, Derek and I have a savings goal, so we've been ignoring all the emails about sales, coupons, etc. What we did not ignore is the sales at our local flea market.

Derek and I went out on Sunday and we did really good. I picked up a 1950s dark wood tall boy dresser and matching vanity with mirror and stool for $100. I love when a vendor takes your offer and even helps carry it out to your vehicle! I shop flea markets, thrift shops, estate and yard sales to furnish our place, because not only are we getting unique pieces, it saves us A LOT of money. We also love a good treasure hunt!

The vintage Halloween noise markers were both bought for a song and we even got 20% off! Score! Vintage Halloween items are always priced so high, so we often just stare at the vendor cases who have large collections for sale and we just cry Robert Smith tears. I spotted these two beauties and was told that the witch was broken, but we didn't care since they will most likely be put into a shadow box to be hung on the wall.

We also visited the record man and I got a Danse Society record for $1 and a Nash the Slash record for $5.50. Yesss! The record man even played some Spencer Davis Group for us while we shopped around, which made us very happy. It was funny when he got a few comments, "So you're listening to Mod music now". Hahaha! Sorry record man, we're not trying to mess up your garage rock Mojo. *Wink*

Check out Vix's awesome dining room make over for under 10 pounds. She's a vintage/upcyling/repurposing queen!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I love Nash The Slash. It is nice to see other people like his music as well. Great finds!

  2. I hope to grab some great antique furniture when I have my own place one day. I am always getting my clothes at second hand stores. The noisemakers a great, love the art style from that era!

  3. It's all about the thrill of the hunt ... and getting a Really Good Deal. :)


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