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Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Style Blog

Yesterday I did a little style photo shoot for work for a holiday style blog and Derek was my lovely test model and assistant. Hahahaha! I love doing little projects as I get to mess around with my camera, photograph some lovely gals and I get to be creative and flex my stylist muscles. Feel the burrrrrrn!

One of my best friends, Melanie

Andrea, who is now my upstairs neighbor! Woo!

Judy, part of my Tiki crew and such a dear heart!

And me!

Alternate shot of the dress paired with my favorite vintage hat

It was a fun day, frustrating as I don't know what the heck I'm doing with lighting, but I am thankful for my models who took time out of their Sunday's to help out! 

And I'm always thankful for my little helper elf. Yeah, I just had to. 

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Oh so festive! Your helper elf is soo funny - Love the dress Judy is wearing.

  2. I love the hat you're wearing and those shoes!!! Everyone looks so stylish.

  3. Cool styling! Gorgeous girls and a guy! You steal the show. xxx

  4. Wow you look great in that Hell Bunny dress and I love it paired with the vintage hat!!!!

  5. I love Derek's poses! You all have amazing dresses, wow!

  6. I love Derek's poses! You all have amazing dresses, wow!

  7. Love all the cute outfits, the stairwell, everything :D Love your blog as a huge kitsch fan :)

  8. Everyone looks great! Your dress is adorable!

  9. So cute. I love the silvery dress Judy is wearing! Where did she get it??

    1. All the dresses are from www.catslikeus.com (where I work), but Judy's dress is not available as it was a "sneak peak" for this coming Thursday :)


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