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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bringing the Goth Bob Back

And I don't mean Robert Smith...even though I do love him so. I'm talking about a hair cut! I'm so happy with my hair and it feels nice to have a new style since I've been patiently growing in the sides of my hair. 

The mullet is gone, even though I did love it, I welcome the short style that won't stick out of the back of my hair wraps.

I went with a textured bang that can be worn teased to the side or worn straight across. It makes me feel sassy! Hehe!

Casual look. 
top and cardigan : H&M 
leggings: Lip Service

I'm happy about the change as with a birthday around the corner and a soon-to-be New Year, it's all about embracing the new! 

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You look so cute, the new hair really suits you. Ace leggings, too! x

  2. Your hair looks so cute! And I am in love with the cardigan. H&M has much good clothes lately.

  3. Hey, so THAT'S where my bony leggings went! I wondered why I couldn't find them in my closet this morning... ;-)

  4. You look amazaballs with awesome sauce! That cut is so cute on you.

  5. You look amazing! I've never seen someone fit a bob so well! Your colour is perfect too. :3

  6. I LOVE it!!! Gorgeous 80s new wave vibe ♥

  7. I love it! It suits your face really well. I'm about to cut my hair again, actually. I'm probably going to get a true pixie this time.


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