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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vacation Slides : Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Derek and I have been planning our anniversary trip since back in June when we booked our hotel and plane tickets. We decided on Fort Lauderdale for the sun, retro kitsch and because of the Mai Kai, which is a Tiki mecca for us Tikipiles. I'm sure there is no surprise that Tiki was involved in our vacation plans, hehehe!

It was so hot and humid, which is no surprise as we're in Florida, but it was unseasonably warm even for the locals. We spent a lot of time walking, sweating, getting gawked at by other tourists and swimming in the ocean. 

I had to take some obligatory, "hey we're at the beach!" photos. It was my first time swimming in the ocean and it was very relaxing and the waters were very warm. I understand why people flock to the beaches in Fort Lauderdale, yet I had my fill for the next few years. I'm not a beach bunny, but I do enjoy walking and hanging out on the beach in the evening.

I did get a new bathing suit for the trip, it's a 60s style leopard print one-piece. Sorry for the crappy mirror shots, but I was feeling sassy!

One other aspect to the trip that we really enjoyed was staying at the Sea Club Resort which was a hotel built in 1951 originally called the Jolly Roger, but has had massive renovations to modernize the hotel. I really wish the beautiful waterfall in the lobby was still working! We had a comfortable stay, though it's not a lush resort and had its quirks, we love that about staying at old places.

And then there was the Mai Kai.....

It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Built in 1956, it's a treasure and I hope the people of Fort Lauderdale realize how amazing the Mai Kai is to have in their fair city.

That is JUST the drink menu! It was so massive and tasty!

That is a Mai Tai and the Jet Pilot. Just the first of many that night. Mmmmm mmmm!

Hanging out by the waterfall in the Molokai bar inside the Mai Kai. Derek's shot turned out to be a little artsy. I'm contemplating which side of the menu my husband is going to sample. Hahaha!!!

The Polynesian show during dinner was amazing, touring the gardens at the Mai Kai was a lot of fun and spending a fantastic evening with my favorite guy was magical. 

I should have been more careful, I'm very flammable...and I'm just talking about my hair.

Goths on vacation! 

A tipsy Derek presented me with this beautiful coffin-shaped gem ring by Mordauntes Gem Coffins. I was so surprised and happy, not just for the piece of lovely jewelry, but because I have a thoughtful and loving partner who I've had the pleasure to share my life, dreams and love with....le sigh.

Yep, I'm tearing up a bit. *Wink*

The trip was lovely, but I'm happy to be back home as it's time to get all Autumnal!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You guys are an absolute riot! :D Happy anniversary!

  2. aw you guys are adorable. haha and I was at otto's shrunken head tonight and it seems I can't go to a tiki bar without thinking of you, lol. my dad lives not too far from Ft Lauderdale--it's a pretty awesome place. hope you enjoyed the weather!

  3. I love the sign that looks like an old postcard!

    What a lovely ring!

    What drinks menu! I pity the bar staff! It must take a year to learn all the ingredients by heart!

  4. What an amazing trip you had!! Everything looks absolutely fab and lovely. That ring is beautiful!!

  5. I'm dying over that hotel, your clothes, you, your cool man and that ring! Lovely, lovely post! xxx

  6. Yay! This looks like an amazing trip. You're a lucky lady.

  7. It's looks like a wonderful holiday! I hope you had a great a time!

  8. Looks like fun!! Love your swimsuit!

  9. Wow! I love hearing about your vacation! It made me remember how much I love the warm humid nights and the warm beach water in Florida! It's the best!! I think you definitely picked the right place to go swimming in the ocean for the first time! Also, I can't get over all the time I've spent down there visiting family and I've never heard of Mai Kai! It looks awesome!

    Love all your pictures!!! And love your bathing suit and that ring!!! :)

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love that ring! Derek is a lucky guy and you are a lucky gal! : ) Love all your photos, your trip looks totally fun!


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