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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkins and a New Tattoo!

Every year Derek always nudges me and says, "You should get a Halloween tattoo", since it is something he does every year AND he also does several days of Halloween tattooing. AKA-He does $31 Halloween tattoo's which can be picked from a flash sheet that he created. It's become a tradition! Well, here is my Illuminati-corn, it's all seeing! Hehehe! This photo was taken right after Derek was finished, so it's a little red and swollen.

We also carved pumpkins at the tattoo shop. It was fun to hang out, eat snacks and carve my cross-kin. Also, my pumpkin in on one of the chairs that came from a church, I thought it was fitting. *Wink*

"Whoa, Sandworms. You hate 'em right?"

Derek's Beetlejuice themed pumpkin, he also carved several others, since he's a loon about carving pumpkins. I'm sure I'll be finding pumpkin seeds in his pockets, hahaha!

Have you been doing anything fun this Halloween season?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. It's a 3rd eye candy corn tat!! Awesome! Great job on the pumpkins :)

  2. What an awesome tattoo! Derek's pumpkins are a work of art. I'm your typical Brit, its not something we bother with, we celebrate Guy Fawkes instead. xxxx

  3. That tattoo is just so cute and silly! I love it! ^^

  4. Cute pumpkins and tattoo! Must be pretty neat having a tattoo artist husband!

  5. Sandworms! Argh! I love your Halloween tattoo! Is Derek running out of room yet?

  6. Awesome pumpkin carvings! And that tattoo is such a fun idea! Love it!

  7. love the tattoo! We've been all about the Illuminati lately too. haha it's perfect! and awesome pumpkins!


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