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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Last Beat of My Heart : Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

I will forever and always be a post-punk girl. What I think is a very underrated band : Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

Thanks for reading and listening.
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. This band is magic.
    The layering sound of post punk in general feels empowering and it's atmosphere is heartfelt.
    This reminds me of a silly story: I was 15 and was wearing a DIY Corpus Delicti shirt. I went to a record shop, and one of the guys that worked there, recognized the band and so a happy friendship of music and film interchange begun (he was classy, a big Nick Cave and Depeche Mode fan). I haven't heard of him since I changed my phone number (6 years ago?). I might try to relocate him.
    Thanks for this post! ♥

    1. That is an awesome story XOXO!!! I love Corpus Delicti!

  2. I love Red Lorry Yellow Lorry! Vastly underrated band. Interestingly, I think my dad might like them, which is strange because he hates most punk/post punk/new wave.


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