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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Weekend Was Full of 80s Shirts

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments about my last batty t-shirt outfit! I hope your weekend was filled with fun or relaxation or whatever makes you happy! I predicted that my weekend was going to be filled with friends, fun and Tiki and boy was I right! It was also filled with some radical 80s vintage shirts that sort of became a loose theme to this weekend's ensembles. 

I'm wearing an over-sized charcoal and white cross top that I picked up last week for $1.50 at my favorite thrift store. I love a good button-up shirt, so I couldn't resist! The top is a vintage size 14 and I usually go for a 10/12, but I thought, "what the heck, I'll make it work", and I think I did with my trusty walking shorts. This outfit was nice and breezy for the humid and hot weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. 

We were in Cleveland with our Tiki group to visit Porco Lounge & Tiki Room. *Wink*

On Sunday, a little tired mixed with a slight hangover brought us to my most favorite vintage warehouse, Sweet Lorain. I love the owner Red who always enthusiastically greets us while  looking for vintage treasures. I'm wearing a men's vintage shirt that I picked up at a sidewalk sale at Miss Josie's vintage in Buffalo. I love the shirt, but I realized after washing that it was missing a button at the bottom (no biggie) and had a rather large bleach stain on the front....d'oh! No problem, tied into a knot it went and paired with some cropped pants that I picked up (new with tags) for $5.50 while thrifting. I really am digging the Asian characters on the shirt!

These kitschy patterned cotton shirts saved me from sweltering in the hot/humid weather. I see a pattern emerging (get it, pattern...shirts. Heh. Heh), so I will be keeping my eyes open for more 80s-tastical summer wear. It makes me happy.

Wearing what you love, one article of clothing at a time. 

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. A weekend of 80s shirts! How splendid! The current era just doesn't have the style the 80s did! Except for the Steampunk stuff and that is a redo of 1880s so still 80s! :P

  2. What a wonderful catch! Terrific shirts. Can I come thrift shopping with ya?

  3. Shirts like these are great for summer, I have been wearing mine over vests with the buttons open (this way if they dont fit I can still wear them :D) they work well instead of a cardigan

  4. Love the way you mix and match
    You have a unique way of making everything work

    1. Thank you, that is such a big compliment! I find things I love and make them work for me :)

  5. In the 80s, I had two button-down "camp shirts" that I loved. One had penguins on it, and the other had nautical flags. Your outfits are really cool.

  6. Those shirts are very lovely indeed :3 I'm still trying to add more shirts like these to my wardrobe, because they're wonderful for the hot summer weather ^^


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