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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Merry Midsummer!

Happy Summer Solstice and Merry Midsummer! I spent the day working and then went to On the Wire in the evening. It was a wonderful evening to be hanging out on the club's patio and enjoy great music and friends. 

I was excited to wear this Stevie Nicks-esque dress that I bought at a local boutique, The Allentown Dress Shoppe. I hadn't been in the store since the 90s when I would go in and drool over all the velvet and lace clothing. I could never afford to buy anything with my teenage part-time pay checks, so I was pleasantly surprised that the shop still carries some lovely lacey frocks. I think the 16 year old me would approve. 

I rummaged through the jewelry box and pulled out the black necklace that adorns my collar, it's a very old piece that I cherish. I bought this necklace at a store in Toronto named Siren, which was a staple place (sadly now closed) to shop for goth clothing. Living in Buffalo and having Canada right across the river, Toronto was like our "big city" and I used to be in Toronto almost every weekend. In fact, on a Toronto trip to see Phantom of the Opera at the age of ten is when I saw my first glimpse of goth. I still remember two goth girls walking down the street wearing beautiful Victorian dresses with parasol's and long black hair. I poked my mom and said, "Look at those girls!". My mom replied, "How pretty, they are wearing Victorian clothing. You like Victorian things". I still remember how elegant their dresses looked while blowing in the wind. Sigh.

Of course I can't leave this blog post too sentimental. Here's a goofy pic! I had lipstick on my teeth and Derek's face just happen to be too perfect. Haha!!!

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Love the dress. You look amazing!

    x Dawn

  2. I I always wanted to be one of the girls in the Charlotte Sometimes video. I felt this school girl look would have worked well for me, with a nice high necked shirt. Instill have my original copy of the book,

  3. Sorry for typos, my iPad is playing up.

  4. I love the berryish colour of your hair! I remember seeing Goths as a kid and thinking how absolutely awesome they were. They definitely inspired me.

  5. Awesome look. I wish I could find winklepickers in my size (2 in kids).

  6. I'll always love some Victorian goth, too {{sigh}}
    You look fab!!!!


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