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Monday, February 24, 2014

Inspired by Robert Smith

When I spotted this floral top while thrift shopping, I instantly thought "Robert Smith!". I snapped up the shirt for $3 and knew I could make it work in my wardrobe. When I choose to wear loud prints, I often will tone down the other elements of the outfit in order to draw the focus to the print. In this case, I paired the top with some high-waisted black skinny pants and an oversized black sweater. A long strain of beads, 80s style half hoop earrings and my spiked creepers completed the look 'a la inspired by Robert Smith.

                                                                    Shoe cam!

I have a big red smile (Black Cherry by NYX) due to getting a wonderful hair cut by my friend Lauren. Though it's not a huge difference in style, she took a huge bulk out of my over-grown sections, gave me a cute little side bang and she gave my grown out side some TLC. Yay! When my hair is happy, I am happy.....

....so happy that I'm falling over in mid-photo. Yep, I was dancing and then the timer went off. Haha!!!

Do you find fashion inspiration from your favorite musicians?

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I like it! And I agree, it's SO Robert Smith. The only musician whose fashion sense really inspires me is Stevie Nicks. I LOVE the outrageous outfits she has come up with over the years, regardless of her age! That's why I'm using her as a kind of "blueprint" for my future wardrobe.

    That being said, those shoes are incredibly scary!!! Worse even than killer clowns... ;-)

  2. OHH! the shoes are incredibly bad ass! I wish I could wear creepers but big feet make it haaard.Your whole outfit is just great. I tend to stay away from florals but this way I might even try it:D

    1. Most creepers are in mens sizes, so they might work for you!

    2. Oh but that is not the problem. I can find my size but they usually look really big and clownish and that's kind of a bummer.

    3. Definitely a bummer. You need to feel comfortable in what you wear, so I totally understand.

  3. My best friend had a shirt almost exactly like this one in the end of the 80's :) I also had a black shirt with purple brown and green flowers on, I loved it litterally to pieces. This outfit brought nostalgic memories to me :)


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