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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Dream of Shoes : Vintage Underground Boots

I just picked up the Killed by Deathrock record. 
It's pretty good.

A few weeks ago I jumped at a chance to buy a pair of vintage Underground 6 buckle boots which are pretty much my 'holy grail' of shoes. I was planning on buying a new pair of Underground's in the lower 4 buckle style, so with the encouragement of Derek, I took a chance on the vintage boots.

I was thrilled when the boots arrive, they were in excellent condition, fit great in the toes and were pretty comfortable. Yay! There was one huge issue, I could barely buckle the top two buckles as the way the boot was designed made no sense! I saw that the previous owner had the same issue as there were extra holes punched at the very end of the straps. Ugh! 

After some brainstorming, I took the boots to a local cobbler and explained the issue which he was sure he could help me. I waited two weeks, crossed my fingers and what I now have (thank you to Jimmy the cobbler and his amazing skills) are my dream boots that I can't wait to wear all the time! 

In true 'me' fashion, I got my latest shin tattoo finished, so I can't wear the boots until I am healed. I seem to always get something that I've been waiting to wear and then a tattoo stops me, hahahaha! It's always worth it as my husband does an excellent job. 

This is my second shrunken head tattoo. It may be odd to say "I love shrunken heads", so I'll just say that I find them fascinating. 

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Ahhhh, they are GORGEOUS! I got myself a pair of (not so pointy) winklepickers myself this year, but yours are absolutely stunning.

  2. Great tattoo!! I don't think shrunken heads are weird, they're like mummies... only different. ;-)

  3. I love love the new tattoo!!! and lucky you to have an awesome cobbler!!

  4. Great find with those boots! And great work to that cobbler! I just hope he doesn't use elves as unpaid labour! :P

    Shrunken heads are cool, it's fascinating to think that they were once normal sized human heads!

  5. I had a couple of friends in college who had those shoes and boy, did I ever want my own pair. It was circa 1988, so unless you knew of a mail order company that carried them or a store in your town that imported shoes from the UK, they were hard to find. Then I ended up going on a trip to London the summer of 1989 and bought a pair there. I was so excited! I wore 'em until they wore out. A couple of years ago I bought some knockoff versions from Jeffrey Campbell.

  6. Nice shoes and awesome tattoo!!

    x Dawn

  7. Hot dang, those are the prettiest boots I've ever laid eyes on! They truly are the holy grail of boots... kudos to the cobbler! So absolutely cool to have one locally lol.

    Your hubs did a fine job on the tattoo... man, I really wish I could take a visit to his shop-- I love the work he's done on you. It seems like the perfect style for a few tattoos I would like to get.


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