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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Revenge of the 80s Dance Party

My friend Danielle and I threw an 80s dance party on Saturday the 18th in lieu of our regularly monthly 'dark dance' night (On the Wire) in order to have an excuse to turn the 80s-ness up to ELEVEN! 

Myself, Marie, Christian and Derek

The crowd was amazing, our dj friends did a fantastic job and it was a great time all around! People really love the 80s! The dance floor was packed all night and there were even a few sing-a-longs. Haha! We're not going to switch our regular monthly to just primarily 80s, but perhaps we'll throw 'Revenge of the 80s II' in the summer, you never know. *Wink*

I surprise dance-attacked Luke!

Myself, Emilie and Danielle

Dress is 80s vintage thrifted a while ago for $5, stole Derek's Cure pin (80s!) for a 'pop' of color.

I own some nice Sugarpill shadows that I never wear, so this was a good opportunity to put them to use! I just sort of put it on and hoped for the best, turned out pretty good for not really having a plan. 

Thank you to Danielle for taking the reigns with my camera and snapping all these photos. You can check out On the Wire Facebook by clicking on the link. Yay!

Thank you reading, I will leave you with one of my favorite songs that was played that night.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You look fantastic! That dress is gorgeous. I might just steal your whole outfit if I had the chance.

  2. It sounds like it was super fun!

  3. I love your make-up here! Totally eighties! :D

  4. You look great! I love a good eighties party - I shudder to think of some things that people wore (mind you, I'll say that about this decade when I'm old), but it's amazing fun for a night. ;)

  5. Looks like lots of fun! I especially love your hair and eye makeup ♥

  6. I'd love to hold an 80's dance party one day! Sounds awesome.

  7. I wish we had the "Synth crowd/look" in Sweden in the 80's too, but it was all poodle rock and glow-in.the-dark stuff :)

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the makeup!! Also, I want that dress!!


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