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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Costume Adventures : SteamPUNK

On actual Halloween Day, Derek and I went to an event in the evening called The Witches Ball. It was a huge masquerade that took place at the historic Lafayette Hotel in downtown Buffalo. The Witches Ball also had a side theme of Steampunk, in which I took my creative hold onto said theme. Basically I was putting the 'punk' in steampunk, as a joke, and came up with a little character of my own.

My costume idea was formed around the thought of, "What would a Victorian punk look like?" I made the plaid bloomers (which was a huge personal accomplishment since I hate using patterns), the vest is $1.50 from a thrift store, plaid tights from Forever 21 and patches were handmade to look like the anarchy symbols inside gears. I added a lot of safety pins, some vintage welders goggles and (my favorite prop) my hair.

Derek did a more traditional steampunk look as Derek really enjoys the aesthetic, yet the funny thing is that he's wearing his normal clothing with a few bits and bobs added there. Haha! The coat was made by our friend Judy, as her sewing skills never cease to amaze me! 

Derek's gas mask thing was made for a steapunk themed event in 2008, so when we pulled it out of the costume box, we knew that we'd partake in The Witches Ball steampunk side theme. Sometimes it takes some visual cues (like our Halloween box) to get the brain juices flowing.

We had a good time at The Witches Ball, despite my panicked feelings while in large crowds. It was nice to get dressed up and do something different on Halloween day and admire the creative and varied costumes that the patrons were adorning. I really do love Halloween, but I'm glad it's all over. *Phew*

What did you do this Halloween season? 

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. “Putting the punk back in Steampunk...” It was the perfect costume for you, Meagan Kyla! Derek looks awesome, too!

  2. How wonderful and creative costumes, they fit you guys so well! :D I could totally see you wearing that on a perfectly ordinary day too, Meagan.

  3. You two are too incredibly bad ass =D
    I would love to see your character in a game of her own with her shadowy but awesome companion, in a grunge futuristic setting... eeep!

  4. I count at least 16... no, 17 kinds of awesome in your outfits. :D

  5. Love your punky steam punk look. I do a slight steam punk look for my Renaissance Faire garb with bits of whatever the hell I want thrown in. I mean it's not like steam punk is an actual time period so the way I see it, as long as you have some gears and Victorian themes, you're good to go.

  6. There's never enough black steampunk. It's always so... sepia.

  7. I love both your outfits! I think the two of you make a good pair with his more classic Victorian look and your more punky one! I love steampunk events, I don't think we have enough of them! I went to a Tea Duel recently (pics are on my blog) and it was so much fun! I want to be able to do Steampunk/Victorian/Gothic stuff more often!

    1. I saw your photos, very interesting! I've never heard of a tea duel before :)

  8. You both looked amazing :D! He is flawless in his classic style, while your reinterpretation is really unique and funny. You had a great idea :D. Also, you are very in character in the first two pictures XD!

  9. how did i miss this post? AWESOME. puttin the punk back in steampunk


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