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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Charles Phoenix!!!

Last night we went to see Charles Phoenix and I would deem him the 'King of Americana' and he loves kitsch...we all know how much I love kitsch. Teehee! 

It's a rare treat to see Charles as he hails from Los Angeles and made his way to the East Coast to Buffalo, NY (specifically) to experience all the wonders our fair city has to offer. He dazzled us with his famous retro slideshow and included his slides from his visit to Buffalo. The slideshow re-inspired us to explore our hometown and made me appreciate our local culture that much more, which also includes all the local food. Mmmm, pierogies.

If you're interested in learning more about Charles Phoenix, his retro slideshows and his culinary kitsch deeee-lights, visit his website at : www.charlesphoenix.com.

Here's our gang with Charles, he is so nice!
(Thank you Julie Ann for the photo)

Though I wanted to wear one of my vintage Hawaiian Mu' Mu's to the show, working in a Mu' Mu' wasn't too appealing, so I opted to wear some leopard print as testament to my love for animal prints. You know, I would wear leopard print everyday from head-to-toe, but I'm waiting till I get older and more ridiculous with age. *Wink*

The white blouse was from a clothing swap that my friend Leslie hosted and I had always admired the top on her and now it was mine! So awesome! Not only was it my first clothing swap experience (which was so much fun), I added a lot of awesome pieces to my closet.

I've got a fly on my lapel!

I forgot about this little pin that was hidden away in my sea of accessories. I got inspired to explore my drawers after helping friends move into their new place. I found a few little forgotten things that inspired me this week and I plan to re-explore my closet now that the weather has turned colder to see what other things that may tickle my fashion fancy.

Have a great weekend! Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


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