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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shoes! OMG! : Pointy Knee High Boots

There is no real formal name for these boots, but I wanted to share these pointy knee high boots that I purchased from eBay on a total whim. I was searching for a replacement to my pointed ankle buckle boots (that are headed for the trash *very sadface*) and came across these sorta ugly-sorta awesome boots. I didn't have any high expectations of my impulse buy, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are definitely cheap at a total price of $21.99, but they are comfortable and fun to wear!

I bought these boots in a size 7.5 which fit nicely, but for anyone with a thicker leg or ankle, these will not work for you. If these boots tempt you, check out the seller pan-shoes to see if they have your size in stock. 

I figured I would throw a outfit of the day in with this week's Shoes! OMG!, since I'm smitten with this Newport News dress that I just thrifted. 

This dress is oh-so-cotton soft and though the fit is a little loose, it still makes for an effortless look. Heck, this dress might even be loungewear, I don't care as it's too pretty to just wear around the house. I love the neckline which is mimicked in the back and the three quarter sleeve is perfect for this in-between weather we've been having. I think I have a new favorite dress! 

What I'm wearing:
-dress, Newport News (thrift store)
-boots, eBay
-hip belt (old), Target
-stretch studded bracelets (old), Forever 21

Have you ever bought boots and/or shoes on a whim and were pleasantly surprised?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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